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Rear Shocks - Help needed

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My S Type (2000 3.0 V6) has today failed its MOT  as "Offside rear lower shock absorber has an excessively worn bush"  I've been quoted by the garage £697 to replace both rear shocks which frankly I just can't afford right now and am going to have to lay the car up as the current MOT expires on the 23rd.  I could get rid as the car only cost me £600 in September but it is such a lovely car I really would like to keep it.  Mechanically I know nothing but I get that both sides have to be done together.  I have seen shocks online for around £150 but is that what I need or can I get away with replacing the bush on each side which I can get for £20 each.


I will make enquiries with other garages but I would value the advice of those of you mechanically minded as at the moment it looks uneconomical for me to repair given there was advisories on the tyres being at 4mm and the exhaust


some positive news would be good right now.



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Firstly tyres at 4mm are only 2mm under new therefore, I cannot see why that was an advisory. Exhaust I cannot make comment due to the fact I have not seen or heard. Quite rightly the shocks should be changed in pairs and if you have the right tools is a relatively easy job. I think you should be able to get a pair of shocks for less than 150 if you look hard enough and then you may wish to ask a local garage how much to fit on a supply the parts yourself basis

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Kenny i think you mean 4mm so the tyres are 50 % worn as new tires are 8mm or 7mm if you buy cheap ones from china etc, but i agree with you about the shocks can be a d.i.y job

 and i have seen them as cheap as £110 on flea-bay 

regards ron 

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I spoke to the mechanic today and he reckons I need the lower bushes, struts and tie rods both sides and that fitting will be about two hours and then to do the tracking, does that sound reasonable?  I can source all the parts for £240 so that would be a lot less than the original quote of £697.  I feel a bit better about it today but still concerned at the cost when with a 15 yr old car tomorrow may raise another problem

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