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Hello, Ive just signed up to this group so hello to all.


I have a sportbrake 3.0dS and have been towing with it for just under a year, we have just changed our caravan to something a little heavier and it seems to be a little unstable. The towbar is a witter and fitted by a tower specialist. I have read on the net that the car may need to go back into Jag to have the software updated (a cost of £104 as HAFox) does anyone know what this software update does? as I cannot work out if its is just to disable the reversing sensors and high level brake light, or does it activate the Trailer Sway Mitigation system?


Any help would be great,


PS great cars and love mine.

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hi Julien

            firstly welcome to the club im i to assume you brought the hard wire electric linking kit with your towbar  if so it may need a update some models do (MINE didnt need it)  1. may i ask how old the caravan is 2. does the hitch have a auto sway hitch lock 3. you say you now have a heavier caravan is it within the nose weight  mgtw etc etc.


as far as i know the update only did the sensors & the high level light,  but i have an x type 2.0 diesel 2009 so i may be wrong for your model of car  sorry i couldn't help any further


some other member  with an xf may be able to give you the 100% answers your looking for.



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