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x type brake locking up when driving

paul w.

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Strange one that Paul and I've no answer other than needs to be plugged in to a fault reader in the hope that it displays a fault code for you. You can download a OBDII for free which is a superb diagnostic software and you can purchase a 16 pin to USB lead from Amazon for as little as £2.99. Good Luck Paul, let us know how you get on and if you find the problem post it in case anyone else gets the same problem

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Cheers Kenny, I'm thinking it might be that the vac pump is some how getting a signal to run as soon as the ignition is switched on because even with the calipers away from the discs when the ignition is switched on you can see the pistons start to move in as though the second vac is being applied any one had this prob ( possible wire ring prob???).

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