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ABS Codes....


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Hi guys..

Having all sorts of grief from wheel nuts done up by a gorilla (and now breaking locking nut adapters) before I took ownership, through to ABS sensors concreted into place and ABS errors 300 miles into ownership.

I am still sure I have a good car just a bit of a project..

I went to clean all the ABS sensors just in case a simple fix and started with the front passenger side ABS sensor( error started just after driving off 2 days ago and been solid ever since ) only to find it
concreted into place with age, more a part of the car than the metal it was mounted in!

Damaged it in the process of removing it, so have just finished drilling the old one out and fitting a replacement at £54 from a breaker.*only* three more of these sensors left to try cleaning.

Then I moved onto the rear passenger wheel.. Bolts again too tight (gorrilla has been at all the wheels I think) and locking nut adapter gave up without undoing the locking nut, probably because of all the hassle getting the front wheel nuts released.

I will now order another adapter during the week.

I am going on holiday with the family etc in a few weeks so as a minimum need to know all wheels are removable in case of puncture..

Next weekend, once I have replacement adapter through (best price so far for no.83 lock is £20) I will try to undo the other three wheels and retighten them such that I can remove them roadside.

Meanwhile though I still have the ABS error.. I am hoping by cleaning the remaining three sensors (subject to the others not being seized in place) that I can clear the code...

*but* I would love to read off the code and go directly to the issue... however my code reader for the x-type will not read at all on the xj.

Is there anyone is Sussex area of UK that might be able to pop by with a suitable code reader and read the code off in exchange for a cup of tea? I would really appreciate it if you could..

Many many thanks


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Good luck Steve, unfortunately I'm not in your area to assist with the code reading. It's usually the tyre monkeys over tightening the wheel nuts instead of using the correct torque settings. I had a similar problem to you on my last motor Merc SL55 and had to drill the O/S front lock nut out. I since invested in a torque wrench and take along with me when having new tyres fitted.

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Cheap but works well on the X-Type and because it is one with Elm v1.5 had hoped it would read the XJ which is also pre 2007 which I think is when things switched to Elm V2.0??


Meanwhile though this ABS error has highlighted that my wheels were fitted by a gorilla, and my wheel lock adapter broke after just undoing one wheel (and doing it back up before I knew the tool had failed) so it has been suggested that rather than buy another lock adapter at £20 or so that I hammer a 17mm socket onto the locking nut and remove them all that way, replacing with standard or upgraded locking lugs.. if this method works then I can get back to the ABS issue that all this started with lol

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