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I thought I'd have just one more go at getting some help or information regarding my ongoing electrical problems:

Car is 1997 XK8 and I have already tried to get some info to help with my passenger door woes. I have fitted a new battery but the problems still persist as detailed in my last post (http://www.jaguarownersclub.com/forums/topic/11757-passenger-door-woes/) - although I've since discovered that the locking does sometimes fail when putting car into 'D' and when operating the door locks from the internal passenger door handle the drivers door sometimes doesn't lock.


As the faults are very intermittent I have begun to suspect the wiring loom and/or the connector.


Before I start stripping everything down can anyone help me with the position of the connector for the passenger door electrics? I have read that corrosion can creep in and I thought it would be worth looking at it first if it's easily accessible. 


As I have intermittent problems with windows AND door locks I am veering towards PDCM or wiring loom - unless anyone has any other suggestions!


Thanks for any help in advance.



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I wouldn't have linked the problems to a wiring loom David usually the loom only needs renewing in the event of a fire. I would be more likely to be looking at the earthing and respective relays. Good luck, let us know how you get on

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Thanks for the reply.


I didn't realise that there were relays involved in the window position memory function - I assumed that info was stored in the door control module.


The only reasons I suspected the wiring loom was due to the intermittent nature of the faults, the fact that both door locking and window operation were affected (only in the passenger door) and the responses in other forums to similar problems in the past where either corrosion in the connector or fractured wires in the loom were to blame.


Another clue is that I have a receipt from several years ago where similar problems were reported and a garage found slight corrosion in the door to body loom connector and cleaned it. May just be coincidence and I don't know if that cleared the fault temporarily on that occasion.


Does anyone know where the connector for the door loom is please?

I guess it's either somewhere under the bonnet or in the footwell panel but I can't seem to find that information



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I have heard that moisture in the connectors inside the doors can be a problem and cause the connectors to tarnish and hence create these little niggles. The solution would be to disconnect, clean and then spray with a Switch Cleaner such as Servisol.


I have similar, but not as severe, little niggles on my Drivers door but so far have not found the courage to remove the Door Card to investigate.....


As above, the Loom itself is about the last thing I would suspect although I s'pose there could be a problem where the loom flexes as it goes into the Door.


Good luck, would be interested to hear how you get on as I suspect a lot of XK8 owners would be.

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Just in case anyone finds this post in the future....


The position of the connector for the door wiring loom seemed a bit of a mystery. No one from this forum could help with it and I got an answer from another forum telling me it was behind the A pillar trim. I removed that and guess what - the only thing there as far as I could see were the hood hydraulic tubes.

The connector is actually to be found behind the passenger footwell trim panel right next to the bonnet release lever.

In my case the plug was slightly corroded and didn't seem to be seated completely. It was difficult to know for sure but I removed it, cleaned it and replaced it and the faults haven't occurred since - and that was over a month ago.

I'm not confident that I've found the fault but I am optimistic!



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Just a quick update on this matter in case anyone is interested.

The fault is still happening but much less frequently. I am still convinced that it is the wiring between the body and the door because it still seems to only happen if the door is swung wide open and can always be fixed by wiggling the cable!

My previous posting was a bit misleading as you only need to get into the kick panel to get at the body connector (where there appeared to be some corrosion). The actual plug and socket can be accessed in the door opening where the cable meets the body - it's like a little door which you can open and unplug the door electrics. My local dealer just showed me that this morning! I wish I'd known sooner - but I'm still not sure that cleaning the contacts in that connector (again) has fixed it.

Merry Christmas


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