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Very poor radio reception


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Seen as my new 04 plate cat remains roadside with no gears I've found myself with loads of time to read through posts which is proving very informative.

But I've not found anyone complaining about FM reception via the standard x type CD player.

Poor reception doesn't come close as at times its diabolical leaving me with 1 good station (Real radio Northwest) and my other local stations sounding like there 100 miles away.

Ive fitted radios since being knee height and whilst I haven't removed the unit to check connections I am confident this is a design or unit issue.

I like my music but I'm exhausting my Spotify playlist and I'm still not that age where AM and MW are an option !!

I just thought I'd ask the question to pass the time seen as I can't drive my car!!

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Yeah mines the same, wasn't sure if it was the aerial or a bad connection,strong reception on BBCR2 but others seem to be about 75-80% at best with the likes of heart which generally as a good signal drifting in and out.

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hi do you have a smallish or stubbie aerial on the car  or a shark fin type as ive found the shark fins far better for reception in most areas of the uk


so you may want to try a  bigger/longer  aerial or booster or the shark fin




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I've also had this problem and it was the aerial pre-amp under the fin.

Get under the headlining and release the fin bolt ( 22mm).

{take off the weather seal and the plastic D pillar covers (with great care) asnd gently get enough space under the headlining to see the fin securing nut.  It was little more than finger tight in my case so easy to get out with a socket and fingers]

The pre-amp is behind a metal plate.

I found the connections to the pre-amp from the aerial were cracked and needed re-soldering.
All is now perfect.

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