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Key fob programming

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I have an x type 2006. I changed the battery in one of my fobs and it only worked if I got really close to the car. I mean really close! Recently it keeps setting of the alarm so I decided to reprogramme it using the advice on the forum. That is, turn to 1 and then from 1 to 2 five times until the ding and then remove and hold any fob button until another ding. Bingo! It worked. The fob is working again. Trouble is, my first key then stopped working!! So, In despair I carried out the same process on my first key and Bingo, it worked. Trouble is, my second key stopped working. Can anyone HELP!

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I have not done this myself, and therefore cannot guarantee it works (I got a Jag dealer to do mine) but i found this it may help




X-Type 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0L



Programming or pairing a new remote Key fob for the X Type is a very simple job that will cost a substantial amount if it is done by Jaguar. It's annoying but this may need to be done if your Key fob battery has been allowed to go flat, or the car battery has been removed for any length of time.
Follow these steps exactly and you should have no problems, pairing old or replacement Key fobs for your car.

1.)I would recommended that you ensure all key fobs are fitted with new batteries. ( Click here  to see battery replacement guide).
2.)Get in the car and close the drivers side door.
3.)Put the key into the ignition and turn to position I.
4.)Wait 5 seconds
5.)Turn the key quickly to position II then back to I four times. (do this only once)
6.)You should hear a single chime.
7.)Remove the Key
8.)For each Key fob in rapid succession. Press any single button on the key fob you wish to pair, you should hear a chime as each Key fob is paired with the security system. After the chime press a button on the next Key fob you wish to pair.
9.)On compleation after all keys have been programed, wait 3 minutes then check the operation of each Key fob by locking/unlocking the vehicle.

Important Note :-All the fobs that you wish to use Must be paired at the same time. Every time you operate the key as in step 5 above the code will be changed, previously programmed fobs will no longer work unless you pair them all at the same time.           


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