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illusive front end knock

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Just bought the 2007 S type diesel I've been contemplating over but not took delivery yet, The reason being a front end knock when driven over anything other than a smooth road. Had the anti roll bar bushes renewed to no avail, it's been up on a ramp for most of the day with three mechanics under it but they in their wisdom are still unable to trace the offending fault, looking for ideas as to where the problem lies. Looking for ideas guys as I know nothing about this model, is the suspension adaptive, could it be top mounts or maybe shocks? So come on my friends what could it be, want to pick my new baby up soon, REGARDS

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I am experiencing exactly the same problem on 2003 s type. Knocking from o/s/f. It has been up on ramp and all bushes, top mounts etc are solid. Mine rattles over small dips, holes etc but when i went over them with brakes slightly on then the rattling stopped leading me to believe that the brake pads were possibly loose in the calliper, this was not to be the case. Pulling my hair out as dont know where to look next. Could it be possible that friction material on one of the pads has parted with the plate so making it rattle when not braking but clamped together and not rattling when brakes pushed.

Obliged for any ideas


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Malcolm, they have already renewed all pads, so that covers the brakes, and Steve thanks for the idea hadn't even thought of asking them to check that, this is driving everyone nuts as the car drives perfectly until it hits an uneven surface, I've owned over 10 XJs and have never come across this before. We will just have to keep on looking, will post any info we find Malcolm to see if it aids you in your quest. REGARDS. PS please keep the ideas coming.

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