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Glow plugs flashing car goes into limp mode


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Hi  I have a x type 2 litre disel sport on a 05 plate

I just had my EGR valve replaced and air mass sensor along with a full service a week after getting the work done lm driving when the glow plug light flashes and the car goes into limp mode if you turn the engine off it will be fine for a bit then it happens again I took it back to the garage and no fault codes show up on his computer he said he would put me in touch with a disel specialist any ideas what the problem is or if it's very common or expensive 



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Hi John,

IIf the problem was not there before putting the car in the garage, then although the part may be new, but might be faulty, I would say this would be for the garage to repair at their expense, unless can be proven it is nothing to do with the work that was done, I would contact the dealer and say that the problem was not there before, did the garage check the glow plugs and leas?

Good luck, I hope the dealer does it for you free of charge.





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