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2.7 diesel warning lights


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Hi, I have the above car with a manual gearbox, and I'm up to 120000 miles, I have the engine warning light - the engine shape in orange - I had the Jaguar main dealers look at it and came up with these 2 codes P132A-00 and P132D-00. They say both to do with the Turbos, Circuit electric A and circuit B

When I start the car in the morning the said warning light is on. Then after a few minutes the Restricted Performance warning comes on. When the engine is hot, about 20 minutes drive, they both go out. Although it says performance restricted, the car runs well and Jaguar say they want to take the turbos OFF and get them tested which I obviously refused, think of the cost of that!

However they also say the car runs perfect, and it does

So when I use the car I simply wait until the temperature gauge is showing hot, switch off, take the key out and start her as normal. What worries me is that I have seen that other people have the same problem, but the car does not start. Unfortunately I do some long distances in the car and would hate to be stuck outside a hotel with no car.

I was very interested to read that someone changed the air filter and that solved the problem, I'm praying that could be the solution. 

I would be grateful for any suggestions, and are the EGR's so difficult to replace myself ?


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