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Alloy wheel size query

Gordon martin

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I have bought a 2015 XF sportbrake fitted with 19" alloys.

I am looking for a set of winter tyres/alloys.

Is there any problem fitting 17" or 18" alloys to the car and if I do is it correct that the suspension needs to be adjusted to allow the smaller rims to be used.

thanks Gordon

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Hi Gordon,

I can't answer your question, but personally, with such a new car, I would refer back to Jaguar with the question, your car will still be under the Manufacturers warrantee I assume, thus make sure any changes you make do not invalidate it. I had a new X type sport some years ago (2004) and wanted to upgrade the wheels to an 18" proteus type, the dealer said they would have to supply and fit or the warrantee would be invalidated. I never changed them due the several £1000s the stealer wanted.

There are a great bunch of guys on here with a wealth of knowledge, so if anyone can give you a straight answer they will do.



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Easy one Gordon, when downsizing your wheel size then you need to upsize the tyre rim size to compensate for such things as speedo error etc.

Try the website that I have provided a link for that will perform the correct calculation for you;



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