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  1. Sorry, i know this is a bit late, hope you got it sorted, but if not, the settings for the mirrors is done via the info screen under vehicle settings. I've got mine set on auto fold when you lock it
  2. Welcome Richard, I also have a 2.5, a great car on many levels. Great bunch on here to help out if you need it. Andy
  3. Hi Walter, please don't think I am being unsympathetic to your concerns as worrying about something really isn't worth it, you perhaps should sell the car and move on with something else, however, you say your car has been trouble free, so why worry ? Any issues surley would have presented themselves by now. last year I bought my son an immaculate Saab 9-3 ttid4, it was fine until 4 months (came with 3 months warrantee) had passed and then developed a number of issues that cost me another 3k to keep it on the road, so I guess my message is unreliability can come with any car.
  4. Congrats on your first Jag, Bought my first car in 1980, it was a 1968 Austin Mini traveller with timber side frames, worth a fortune today.
  5. Spotted this on YouTube , interesting concept, used to love the old vinyl roofs on cars. I think the X type would have made an excellent convertible .
  6. Hello Roger and welcome, my first Jaguar was an X type sport estate in black, great car that did 200k when I sold her, I am now on a 2.5. I have loved owning them and they give great service. Couple of pics below and hope you have as much enjoyment as us. Regards Andrew
  7. Ahh, OK Steve, not what I thought, probably need a poke around to see where it's coming from. Had a similar thing on mine a couple of weeks ago and it was a water pump gasket, fortunately an easy fix. hope it's nothing serious. Cheers Andrew
  8. Hi Steve, Couple of questions, does your car normally do short runs and was this journey a longer than usual one ? Is the oily liquid slightly red in colour ? Cheers Andrew
  9. Your welcome, Paul Good luck with the wrap !
  10. Hi Paul, hope ive enterpreted your question correctly, Link below to a set of trim removal tools I purchased recently, really good. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004OEL4LW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Cheers Andrew
  11. Hi Marvin, yest it is a great service. Had my first Jag from new covered with Jag assist, I was travelling home late one night and had a high speed front blow out on the motorway, I Could not get the wheel off so called them, the guy was with me within half an hour and changed the wheel, he took the blow out to my local dealer the following morning to have a new tyre fitted and I popped in and had it refitted during lunch . Really good and as you say, makes you feel looked after. Cheers Andrew
  12. Good post David, I always let my car settle for a minute before turning ignition off even though it doesn't have a turbo and always let the revs drop before moving off when first started.
  13. Hi Tom, not sure if yours is the same as mine, link below https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B018IX3516/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It's an OEM product and is a straight replacement cheers Andrew
  14. Hello Gary and welcome, I bought my son a 9-3 TTid4 last year, a great car and as you say "rapid" I've got an Xtype 2.5 so not much use as far as Stype advice is concerned, however there are a great bunch of lads on here that can gen you up on advice for the car you are looking for. Hope you get the right motor and happy hunting. Regards Andrew
  15. That looks great, Stephen Nice work Andrew
  16. Sounds great, Peter, has been a lovely day. ive mowed the lawns, taken the pooch for a run and assisted the better half with a full house detailing session ! Going to give Tigger a full body detailing tomorrow weather permitting, along with adding self adhesive velour to internal plastic areas in the cabin. Regards Andrew
  17. Nice one, Stephen, glad the clay treatment is working well, next time we're at the Castle, will drop you a line and have a pint of the Stella black.
  18. Very sad, Paul, but also very ignorant. Persons with a disability deserve patience and respect. I have utter contempt for individuals who display such ridicule to people who would struggle to defend themselves adequately. Gratefully, it's the minority that behave like that.
  19. Your welcome, Stephen, look forward to hearing how you get on, Yes the X type is a great car, I'm on my second and suits us down to the ground. Noticed your in Conwy, we frequent the Castle hotel at least once a year, such a picturesque town, just love it. Hope all goes well with the clay bar treatment. Regards Andrew
  20. Hi Stephen, recently treated my Jag to its bi annual clay bar treatment. If you clay bar your car, you won't need to use T cut unless it's to remove stubborn scratches and then make sure you give a couple of coats of wax polish and sealer to protect the paint. The Clay bar idea is to remove stubborn gritty surface and restore clear coat to near to original condition pic below and link to a great detailer on YouTube, , cheers, Andrew
  21. Agree with Joe & Paul, A good auto elec tech will get that sorted in no time, I always think that garages of all types no matter how good they are are a jack of all trades and master of none. best of luck, Rich, hope you get it sorted soon. Andrew
  22. Hi Matt, As Peter says, those are aftermarket wheels, the original wheels of similar appearance were two different types for the X Type, Proteus (5 spoke) and Melbourne (9 spoke) both 18" split type rims. As far as I'm aware, they were only available in silver. I'm pretty certain, the original wheels for the 02 sport were Aguila 17". Cheers Andrew
  23. Hi Ian, Did my boot lighting a little while ago and added an extra LED module to improve things, link below improved things tremendously. Andrew
  24. Hi Ian and welcome, My first thought was "Warped discs" then again, could be dirt build up on the pad/disk. Had all four discs, pads, calipers and fluid done on my Xtype a couple of thousand ago with no issues. Try a brake cleaner first and go from there, Sorry I can't help more. Regards Andrew
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