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I’m a newbie to this forum, and I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I’m a retired engineer and seriously thinking of buying an older Daimler Super V8, to compliment my older age, to use at weekends!


I love American cars, and I’ve had two Chevy Starcraft Dayvans in my time. My very first car  way  back in 1966 when I was 19, was a 5 year old Jaguar 3.4 MkII.  I’m also interested in boats, ships and planes, and my wife and I are both animal lovers.


John Kirk




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Welcome, John,

Good to have you onboard, would be good to hear when you get a Daimler, great guys on here with a wealth of knowledge to help out if you need it.

I call my car Tigger, but the wife calls her Jaggy, lol, were animal lovers too and they have a first class life with us, Pic below of our pup Pip in the back of my first Jag.




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Thanks for the welcome Jim and Andy, and the lovely photo of your pup called Pip.


Incidentally, one of our cats is called ‘Mr Pip’.


Having experienced some ‘not so nice’ forums, I am hoping that this forum is a cut above the rest, and certainly it would appear to  be so.



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