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Strange noise


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Hi all 

got 2.5 awd x type love it .

twice now whilst driving have heard a strange noise I can't pin point is a whiring noise not metal on metal and disappears within 30 seconds .... Should I worry lol .

any help appreciated 


regards to all 

dave :wacko:

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Hi David,

i have the same car, the AWD do have a slight whirling noise in the drive train that appears and dissapears dependant on speed/rpm, mine is not intrusive but you can detect this noise slightly at times, funnily enough, when I lived in NZ I had Mitsubishi 3.5 v6 with perm 4x4 and it had a similar whirling noise, so, I would suggest it is pretty normal and nothing to worry about, having said that, keep an eye on it and if it get worse drop into your mech for a checkup. 



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Thanks tigger

never thought of that just as a matter of coincidence does it sometimes occur whilst reversing .

will rest easy unless it gets much worse 

thanks again 



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I can't answer that Dave tbh, I've got so used to it that I don't notice it much, I'm out in it tomorrow:yahoo:, so will do a bit of figure of 8 reversing to see what happens and report back :yes:

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