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Windows And Mirrors Problems.


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Could use some help here folks.


I have the usual Drivers window not auto closing problem and usually a " reset " cures the problem - for a while. However today it really didn't want to reset and after several attempts it got even worse. The Window would not move at all using the switch and further checks showed that neither would the Passenger Window or either of the Mirrors.


After about ten minutes everything started working again and I was able to reset the Windows. But after checking the Auto Drop about three times it all went wrong again and nothing was working. Again, but this time after about twenty minutes, everything started working. Repeated the Auto drop checks, worked OK for about three times but then everything stopped working yet again.This time it took more like a hour for things to start working.


I have now managed to reset the Auto Drop on the Windows and so I'm finally able to close the door, not too keen on doing any more checks as I don't want to be stuck with the Window " UP " and the door " OPEN. "


The only common thing I can see with both Doors having identical problems is the Body Processor Module but this is really a bit of a stab in the dark and I'm reluctant to start pulling the Glovebox out ( Module is behind this, I believe ) and then spending £££s on what is essentially a guess on my part.


Desperate for any insight into this so if you have any ideas.......





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Hi Nige,

I cant help but have had a similar issue over the last few weeks - the door gets stuck too high, so I cannot reset it. The window reset (holding up and down for 7 seconds) worked initially - but after some days the window would no longer go to the correct position. From what I have read - could be a battery issue, so I am going to replace my battery. Interestingly - my passenger door is also fine, its just the driver door..so your problem is not unique!


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Hi Jason, I should have finished this topic, my excuse is that I forget things a lot now, perhaps more ( or less ) beer needed ...... !


I solved the problem quite simply in the end. My initial thought was the Processor Module inside the door but as usual there are several different types so the Door Card had to come off to check which one I ( thought ) I needed. Before removing the Door Card I got some new fasteners/fixings in case I broke any removing it, I didn't in the end and found that the Door Card removal was remarkably easy. Once inside the Door I set to and unplugged and cleaned every connector I could find and also identified the Door Module type fitted. I then tested everything  but found no improvement, still a problem.


One thing still bugged me though, I hadn't found the connection point from the car into the door. Sitting on the edge of the seat pondering this I looked at the cabling going from the door into the car and bingo, what I thought was  a grommet protecting the cables as they went into the " A " pillar is in fact a connector. Doh. This is a twist off connector, easy to remove and after a quick clean up and a few squirts of Switch Cleaner normal service was resumed all round - happy days !


Like you, when it first happened I was under the impression that the door was mechanically misaligned and so was causing the problem but NOT SO, the Door was fine. So for yours I would suggest that the first thing to do is clean the Connector on the Drivers Door, and if necessary, the Passenger Door one also. Do the Drivers one first and then test, you may well be a happy man ! Ideally use a proper Switch Cleaner such as Servisol rather than WD40.


As has been said many a time it is absolutely essential that you have a good quality Battery in good condition on these, if you have any doubts replace and save yourself a lot of grief, go for a Bosch or similar high quality make. A Battery can appear to be OK, still start the car and appear to work normally but may still not be up to the job, any doubt just bite the bullet and spend a hundred or so beer chits.....


So happy hunting, let me know how you get on.





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hi Nige - thanks for the detailed reply! i just ordered a Bosch S4 019 (the battery inside was branded "Mean" - and the seller of the vehicle told me he put a cheap battery in, so this is definitely a great first step as you mention. 

if i still have an issue, i'm going to try the steps you outline below. 



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