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SatNav or not??


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Hi there
I have just acquired a 2002 S Type and the only thing I have is, that it doesn't have the SatNav header unit but the old in car phone one.
Now my question is; would it be worth getting a header unit (off eBay for example) for around £80 and then fitting it/getting it fitted. Or stick to what I have and get a TomTom or similar.
I can definitely see the advantages of getting a built in unit as long as I can get up to date mapping info - as it seems to only be available up to around 2012. It will look better and certainly compliment the car. Also, if I am going to replace the header is it worth upgrading the radio cd part to one that will connect to my phone (Bluetooth) and allow me a USB to plug in my MP3.

Finally, is replacing these units relatively pain free (I am a computer geek not a mechanic so assume minimal knowledge but an ability to follow youtube guides etc) or are they a job for someone who knows their way around jaguar stereo and entertainment equipment

Many thanks for any help or advice you may feel able to give :)


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Hi Tim

last year I was thinking of a retro fit myself, I asked a Jaguar main dealer mechanic, he said don't do it, it's a massive job! I also believe the road map software can't be updated anymore for those units 

The guy's will no doubt have better information than I



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