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Jaguar XF (s) N/S turbo

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Hi I just had a major service done today at jaguar and they advised there was oil leaking from the n/s turbo which was marked down as Amber in the VHC and recommended I installed a new/reconditioned turbo, has anyone had any problems with this before or could even possibly recommend someone who supplies reconditioned turbos as jaguar were very expensive.

Thanks very much Mike 😀

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Thats a good service, you would have to remove the turbo to check it properly,if its leaking oil, then i take it your car is smoking on idle generally on a turbo failure

did they say where the oil leak was

I'd say a new turbo going to be an easy £1000 from jaguar, there loads on ebay for about £100 to £250

if you go for a used one go for the newest and most will offer a guarantee, go for the longest

if it not smoking and does not use any oil, I'd get a second opinion from another garage

seems to new for a turbo to fail on a diesel, they run very low boost and generally last years, in standard form, not chipped



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thanks for the reply, there is no smoke coming from the car at all and generally runs very well which I found strange. I haven't noticed any loss in power or    performance either.

I have attached a copy of the VHC, what do you reckon from this? Jaguar were wanting £4500 to fix the problems on the VHC.

thanks Mike 😀


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I'd be down to a real garage with real mechanics (not fitters) for a second opinion.

When my turbo was dodgy on my land rover it smoked like a !Removed! beagle especially under load (accelerating or driving up even the gentlest of hill was also down on power especially going uphill. Tried intercooler pipes which were cracked and oily (from egr I presume) but to no avail. Got 2nd hand turbo with 3 month guarantee!!! Paid £160. Landrover wanted £800 or thereabouts.

If your car showing no difference from usual I'd question their diagnosis especially re turbo.

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