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  1. hi just a warning, if your using it for diagnostics its fine if your going to try programing any thing, make sure dvd 2 is installed, thats all the module software and updates the software does not check first, it deletes the software in the module and then looks for the new software and if dvd 2 is not installed, then its too late, its been wiped also you need a descent battery charger connected as well, at all times, when you doing updates or programing, it asks you to turn ignition off and on many times, which can flatten the battery quite quick, if the battery goes below a certain voltage mid programing it may corrupt the module beyond repair cheers joe
  2. hi hopefully cured, denso are oe and the best ones to fit most after market ones wont work cheers Joe
  3. hi looks great all season tyres are usually ok, it depends what winter we get rear wheel drive cars are not the best in ice or snow, but we dont get that much here generally all season tyres are quite good I have used winter/snow tyres and they are far superior in ice and snow and only use them december to march a lot of it it depends on the roads your travelling, if its all main road, there more likely to be kept clear in winter cheers Joe
  4. hi for diagnostic use you can download the software and run it via vmware, virtual image, ok for diagnostics only but for programing modules, updates and programing keys and so on, its best to use on a dedicated window xp pro laptop, its far more stable, you can pick a laptop up for about £50, it the best software out there, you can do every thing jaguar can. some Icarsoft code reader for Jaguar are also very good cheers Joe
  5. hi post some pictures up top screen is usually climate and lower screen is radio on lcd type cheers Joe
  6. HI Jaguar ids/sdd is software used by jaguar and used with a mongoose lead, can do everything jaguar can its very good for fault finding, you can also use most descent code readers where you can monitor live data, that way you can monitor the 4 lambda sensors and see which one is failing when you get the code also you could swap the upstream sensor with the other bank and see if the fault shift to the other side, then you will know which one it is for sure, also when you buy a new sensor, try to stick with denso sensor, after market sensors dont all ways work correct cheers Joe
  7. Hi 2012 is the latest update nav disc available any where, theres nothing else, xf discs wont work cheers Joe
  8. hi yes it can be retro fitted, but there no use, last updated dvd was 2012, so all the roads lay outs are very old I have one in my car, but have had it upgraded to Jagdroid, which converts the original screen to android, so you can do every thing you can on your phone, just google jagdroid cheers Joe
  9. hi I dont think its the cat sounds more like a bad connection somewhere usually this can be a faulty lambda sensor, but as its passed mot, maybe not, worth checking all the connections and also ecu connections, sometimes they corrode and throw up intermittent faults think you already gather L/H Bank, id R/H side looking from engine bay, L/H side from inside the car ideally you want someone with Jaguar IDS/SDD to plug in, as when it throws up faults it usually logs it and a lot of other data, which might help find the fault cheers Joe
  10. well its easy to tell, watch the headlight while some one switches the ignition on and see if they move if you put the light on first and switch the ignition on, in the dark you can see the dip beam go up, then down, then level, if it dont, theres a fault and will need reseting cheers Joe
  11. hi what engine does it have have you tried ad rad they have them for ever thing https://www.adrad.co.uk/ bershire jaguar also do them https://www.berkshirejagcomponents.com/xj8-xjr-water-cooling-radiator-mnc4190ah-c2x24938856 jaguar still do them https://parts.jaguarlandroverclassic.com/mnc4190ah-radiator.html cheers Joe
  12. hi yes there the hid option the adjuster should go fully up and fully down then level, ever time you switch ignition on, if not theres a fault, needs to be reset adjuster break in these, when you order them make sure you state hid xenon lights as adjusters on these are different once the headlights are off, pop them in the oven on about 80 deg C for 10 minutes, it softens the black sealant and the lenses come off easy also you have to disconnect the battery before unplugging the lights, or the self leveling stops working, can only be reset with Jaguar ids/sdd or some icarsoft readers done a few of these, quite straight forward, also swapped my bulbs for 8k ones, there slightly blueish, much better light cheers Joe
  13. hi depends what they have, you would have to post a pic up, standard were halogen and as a option you could have the hid you can buy the adjuster kits off ebay, then remove the headlight and replace them, means pulling the bumper off to remove the lights the adjust inside break as well, very common fault, all the parts come in the same kit cheers Joe
  14. hi its a common fault on S-types, its usually either the DCCV (dual coolant control valve) or climate module or combination of both when the dccv fails, it regular takes the climate module out as well I'd start with the dccv, get a bosch unit, cheap ones dont last long, climate modules can be repaired, its a black unit above the glove box, if you take it apart, theres usually blown tracks, which can be linked with some wire and solder also check the dccv connector, if they get water in, you get corrosion in there and sometimes they melt, taking the module out when the climate module fails the dccv fail to open, always flowing water, hence why you always get hot air, no matter how good the ac is, it wont cool a heater stuck on hot cheers Joe
  15. hi got mine insured with Footman James, very competitive quote, you get a massive discount if you a member of the JDC. its a classic policy with agreed value and the cars alway mine, covers every thing all for less than £200 for a S-type R, well recommended cheers Joe
  16. HI if you check your handbook, its usually 5W30 oil that meets Jaguar WSSM2C913B theres lots of oils out there that meet that, Fully synthetic is recommended, I use castrol edge pro 5w30 in my S-type R, its had it from new, at jaguar services and also when Ive changed it, engine still like new, super quiet and never uses a drop. oils like castrol, shell and fuchs are very good cheers Joe
  17. hi unless you find used, which is unlikely, the ones above by Jim look like a good option they should also cost you next to nothing as well, the last pair a friend on mine sold, his old ones which had failed, he got well over £500 for his old ones as scrap thats why you dont see used ones, breakers sell them straight away because of the high value other option would to get universal ones and get them welded in, but the direct replacement above look good cheers Joe
  18. yes that cable is rated at 20 amps, the mxs7.0 is only 7amps so it fine the 2.5m max is what they recommend due to volt drop and cable getting warm, but its only 5 to 7 amps, the cable is more than ample also thats only if the battery is complete flat, as your using it just to keep the battery topped up, the current will be no where near that, thats why I said theres no point of buying a charger thats too large, not need to keep a battery topped up, the Jaguar one is only 3.3 amps. cheers Joe
  19. hi you could make your own extension lead you need some 2 core 2.5mm cable which will be rated at approx 20 amps, if you have the ctek mxs5.0, which is 5 amp charger, the 2.5mm 2 core cable will be more than ample for the length your after, B&Q will do it or Ebay, 10m anout 15 quid, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202862982192?hash=item2f3b937430:g:9C0AAOSwT1VfkerP best way would be to cut the 12v lead and use blue crimp on, bullet connectors, something like https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174800182662?hash=item28b2e71d86:g:TbgAAOSwxDJcKLzf cheers Joe
  20. hi not worth buying genuine ones, there no better than after market ones and stupid prices the original brake pads are poor as well, all they do is make dust fitted brembo discs on mine and EBC Red stuff pads, brakes work far better and next to no dust on the wheels the disks on mine are huge as well cheers Joe
  21. Put the cable so it comes out at an angle, have been doing that way for 6 years and the cable is unmarked mine has a socket for the charger in the right hand side of the boot, have the oe jaguar ctek, great charger cheers Joe
  22. dont know if its worth a try but they look very similar to these below link to ebay catches
  23. hi dont think the catch is worth £38 cheaper buy a used one or ideally a breakers yard cheers Joe
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