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  1. Hi As Raistlin says above, the rear lights are wires like positive earth You need a special relay for the towbar electrics and can really confuse a lot of people, installers cheers Joe
  2. Hi They work on diesels but recommend having it mapped properly Tony Dalton workd with Jaguar a lot, does lots of jaguar remaps and would give you best advice cheers Joe


    Hi Theres a flap on the ignition switch that can stick most people just give a quick sqirt of wd40 which cures it cheers Joe
  4. hi pull the red cover, it should lift and open looks like engine bay fusebox it will also show you in the handbook cheers Joe
  5. hi on the lower bulkhead, easiest way is to go to the dpf, it will have two small pipes for differential pressure, follow them to the bulk head cheers Joe
  6. hi the calipers are usually the same the bigger discs increase stopping power but for best brakes some people fit the Brembo's of the S-type R cheers Joe
  7. hi ebay, there just a sticker type badge many different styles cheers joe
  8. hi if you want to know where all the earth ground point are here a pic cheers Joe
  9. hi depends on what engine you have but there usually dual climate control for driver and passenger so theres a dual coolant control valve, that control coolant to either passenger or drivers side so would guess its a faulty valve letting hot coolant through to drivers side cheers Joe
  10. hi sounds like a bad earth may worth going through all the earths giving them a clean and checking there tight cheers Joe
  11. hi depends on the gearbox, manual or auto and what engine could be just a fuse cheers Joe
  12. Hi I only pay £194 with Footman James and the policy cover is superb, the next cheapest quote is over £120 dearer and that on a Jaguar S-type R 4.2 supercharged, with a few modifications added to the policy cheers Joe
  13. hi It could be the aircon, if the aircon is a lot better on the new car, this could be irritating your eyes if the air is too dry than can cause it, try turning air con off or have air coming in from out side, recirc with air con can make the air inside the car really dry cheers Joe
  14. Hi If your worried and miles per gallon, maybe a Jaguar is the wrong car for you Jaguar are Grace, Pace and Space, Its all about smiles per gallon, not miles per gallon I think its Jaguars biggest downfall, Moving to Diesels, I bet they regret it now. Though 28 mpg is really poor, I get 35.6 on a run in my S-type R, 4.2 petrol supercharged, Though I would;nt change it if it only did 20mpg Cheers Joe
  15. Hi Cant you find your membership card or log on to the site where you would get your online magazine and get your membership number if you use firefox or google browsers, they save you user name and passwords, you will be able get your member ship number from there if you use the online mag, as your membership number is part of your login I only a member of the JDC as it save me a fortune in insurance with Footman James, mines a lot cheaper than any other company and the cover is so much better Cheers Joe
  16. hi generic code reader will only read engine codes, so no use, only Jaguar IDS/SDD software will communicate with epb and central locking modules make sure your battery fully charged first, put it on charge overnight, low battery cause lots of issues with epb if it still does it, its going to be something like faulty epb motor, faulty module if boots damp, stiff caliper cables or stiff calipers central locking, first check the button click on the remotes, sometime the micro switch inside the remote fail and operate on there own or even stay stuck on if there ok, its going be a sticky door lock, wd40 inside them often cures them cheers Joe these two clip have some good info on fault find epb problems clip 1 clip 2
  17. hi first thing is to get a sniff test done, maybe head gasket, most garages do a sniff test, check for CO in the expansion tank if it passes a sniff tests, its either going to be a stuck thermostat and worn blades on the water pump cheers Joe
  18. hi 2012 was the last updated disc they did cheers Joe
  19. hi if your glove box light and switch are unplugged, the give the same effect of the valet switch operated cheers joe
  20. Hi I Have a Valet switch in the glove box, it does not open the boot, it disables the boot from opening from the button on the dash and from opening when the button on the boot is pressed it also comes with a valet key, which is just a key, no remote, but is a few mm longer, the valet key allow access to the car and start it, but wont let you open the glove box or the boot so when the valet switch is pressed and the valet key is used, they cant access the glove box or the boot. so the valet button would of not helped you cheers Joe
  21. Hi Its worth changing the oil, I have a Jaguar S-type with the ZF 6HP26 and that supposed to be sealed for life as well I changed oil and filter, I know your filter can't be changed easily, but its worth do the oil made mine even smoother nothing sealed for life, oil degrades and then you start to get wear, thought sealed for life on mean 10 years, as that what manuafacturers state the life of a car is cheers joe P.S. this info is from Z.F. which again is the sealed for life, Jaguar say sealed for life, gearbox fitted to s-types.
  22. Hi I'm sure it can be turned off will have a look at the weekend and let you know thanks Joe
  23. hi Toyo Proxes 4 are performance summer tyre, typically found on Hot hatchbacks and would be a absolute nightmare in winter trouble with all season tyres there typically softer compound, to be any use in winter, which means they wont last any where near as long you would be better getting a set on winter tyres and either getting a cheap set of wheels, which there are plenty of, or just swappng the tyres just before winter and swapping back just before it warms up, that way you would at least get 4 or 5 years out of the winter tyres cheers Joe
  24. hi most people just put a K&N panel filter inside the original airbox the standard airbox is very good and has a cold front air feed, which is directly in front of the grill, giving some ram air type flow would make next to no difference on a diesel On the S-type R's you actually lose power by fitting a cone filter, on street/town driving, due to heat soak from the engine bay, the engines generate loads of heat in the engine bay at low speeds, it sucked up by the engine, due to high temperatures, the ecu retards timing to compensate, giving a loss in power All high quality race type filters use either a panel filter or cone filter in a sealed box, with a cold air feed direct from the front of the car, standard air box offers this, especially if a better filter is fitted, like a K&N if you want more power get it mapped, but make sure you change the oil regular and keep an eye the oil level does not go up on its own, due to leaky injectors, as this is the biggest cause of snapped cranks on this engine also any air filter that offers more air flow or performance, can only be acheived by offering better flow, which can only be done by sacrificing filtration, so more dust and particles will enter the engine, causing unnecessary wear, fact. cheers Joe