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  1. hi I would not chance it because all the loads goes through the body module which switches the lights on and off if your handy with car wiring, you could install 2 relays, that have a separate 12v supply, then you can install any wattage you want


    hi this is apparently common on early XE's this is fixed with a dealer software update I would personally wait till you return to the uk if its under warranty should be free other wise a dealer job
  3. original discs work better its because the nav unit is struggling to read the disc, using a cd cleaning disc sometimes can cure it
  4. hi usually when this happens you nav dvd unit is on its way out you could try a cd cleaning disc in it, might fix it as the laser gets older it struggles reading the dvd, copied discs are the first to fail, usually the read genuine ones till the end only real fix is to fit another nav dvd unit cheers
  5. hi if the dccv has been replaced then its the climate control module, a bad dccv 4 way valve with damage it if you remove the climate module and remove the pcb, it usually blows track on the board, link them out and it should work again if you google s-type climate module repair, there should be loads of pics
  6. hi the software I use is Jaguar IDS/SDD with a Mongoose lead, there generally about £100 but your most probably better getting a local Jaguar independent garage have a look do you get any warning messages
  7. also what engine is fitted
  8. Hi You need to plug in with jaguar software really sounds like some immobiliser fault, or a fault on a module ive seen it on rare occasions where, plugging in fault readers or disconnecting them at the wrong time can cause faults only way to know for sure if you can get it plugged in
  9. Hi you can get the software off the internet free on quite a few forums the leads you can get for £30 to £100, the lead is a mongoose lead, its the same software that jaguar use, so you can do everything they can, but you have to be cautious because trying to program things like ecu can be dodgy if you dont know what your doing but for diagnostics and programing basic modules its great british diagnostics sell the lead and software for around £100 software version V130 is the best for our era of cars, yours would use IDS as its pre 2005, SDD is for post 2005 cars
  10. hi if its like the s-type, the new module needs programming and calibrating with jaguar IDS/SDD software thanks Joe
  11. Hi looking at the wiring diagram, relay 4 has a ignition feed to it but the earth to the relay is switched through the engine ecu so its engine ecu holding it off dont know wether you have wiring diagrams but look here wiring foe yours cheers Joe
  12. Hi, not seen the xj sunroof before, but seen quite a few others, theres usually micro switches and cams for location positioning, sound like its either faulty or new adjusting cheers Joe ps have a look here, this may help 501-26 Sliding Roof – Diagnosis & Repair.pdf
  13. Hi That looks like the cabin air temperature sensor for the air con they have a tiny little fan to get a better temperature reading cheers joe
  14. hi most probably no fault with aircon if its holding gas most coomon fault with s-types is the dccv, dual coolant control valve, its a water coolant valve that controls hot coolant to both passenger and drivers side these fail with age a pass, allowing hot water in to the heater matrix and giving hot air, over powering the air con, try it when the engine cold, put heater on full cold and if it blows cold air con ok, if it get warm or hot when engine hotter is most probably dccv also when dccv fails it can also take out the cllimate control module, usually blows a track on the pcb which can be easily repaired cheers Joe
  15. do you have any pics paul is it a after market audio device
  16. hi small petrol turbo charged cars, low immisions and high output technolygy not quite there for electric cheers Joe
  17. Hi paul its usually the dccv starting to fail and passing hot water drivers and passenger side are seperate valves are they both cold, when the engine is cold, if so, must be dccv passing very common s-type fault cheers Joe
  18. hi paul do you have a pic is it the black plastic one, phone/bluetooth cheers Joe
  19. hi There not oe, there after market stick on, ebay cheapies I'd take them off and polish it, hopefully there not hiding any damage if you want more stick on one, ebay cheers Joe
  20. hi would still recomend not using it without a descent battery charger connected especially if it a diesel, these cars are so sensative to low batteries cheers Joe
  21. hi as above just reflectors only usa cars the reflectors light up, some people add the bulbholders to make them light up, you would just come off the side lights 12v feed cheers Joe
  22. Hi Best way is to get it plugged in to Jaguar IDS/SDD it will give you faults it will also tell you whats triggering the alarm the alarm going off with out opening the door is also standard, it active arming and can be turned off in dealer options sounds like you have a fault on the security system/alarm and the alarm is activating on it own on IDS/SDD software there country selection and options for the alarm, you need to get these checked, i'm sure you can even disable the alarm in dealer options as well cheers Joe
  23. Hi This exact same topic has popped up somewhere else, no matter which forum you go to you will get the same answers I've used IDS/SDD for years to check and clear codes and to monitor live engine data and never had any issues but I am using a dedicated laptop, not using a modern laptop running virtual software running win xp pro, this option will give you nothing but trouble and you will end up brcking loads of modules, because these virtual softwares are so unstable. also I've not used IDS/SDD with out have a descent battery charger connected, mines 30 Amps and that really a mininum, Jaguar use a similar setup, because when your diagnosing, programing or calibrating, it asks you to cycle the ignition many times and will flatten the battery really quick, low battery voltage causes modules to go into fault and if you programing, calibrating or even clearing fault codes, if it goes into fault mid writing will corrupt the module, depending what its doing, the modules may not be recoverable, damaged for good. looks like you have been lucky if you got them working again also found version V130 the most reliable and covers the most on S-types cheers Joe
  24. hi low battery, put battery on charge overnight and try it then low battery on these causes all manner of problems if your only doing 3 miles on a diesel, it wont put back into the battery, what youve taken out on first startup I would personaly get a smart charger like a ctek and keep it on charge when not in use, it will keep your battery tip top and you wont get any more issues cheers Joe
  25. hi it wont work because the drivers seat module needs coding/programing to the car you could try the old seat module on the new seat, but the old seat module will also need calibrating, before the seat memories will work and may do strange things you need some one with Jaguar IDS/SDD to program the module all the the modules on the s-type need programing, coding and some calibrating as well as all the modules talk to each through can bus, some used modules are plug and play, because they have been previously programed, but the seat module needs coding to the car passenger seat works fine as is not can bus controled, its all hard wired to the seat switches, drivers seat is can bus controled, so it comunicates with lots of modules like imobilser, each key has two memories, when the imobiliser sees a key, it looks for a memory and moves the seat to that position, if the column switch is in auto cheers Joe