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  1. Hi there off ebay, there quite good and effective but the batteries may need replacing there should be a magnet opposite the light when the door is shut that switched them on and off cheers Joe
  2. hi could be a faulty sensor or and bad connection on one you can usually hear them clicking when there on but well worth checking all the connections are good and not corroded cheers joe
  3. hi abs dsc faults are usually a faulty abs sensor, you will know for sure when they plug in idealy you need someone with Jaguar IDS/SDD which will read every module on the car most code reader dont best place for sounder is ebay, new ones dont come up often, but used do cheers joe
  4. hi irrelevant of age and mileage, if it were mine I'd give a full service, change all the oils and service parts, at least you know it been done and forget about it for a while I would on use genuine zf part for the gearbox, as using non zf oil can cause lots of problems, service kits are avail on ebay that include pan/filter, new bolts(updated type), new mecha sleeve( prone to leaking and oil zf lifeguard 6. dont forget the diff, often overlooked, spark plugs as rears require intake manifold removing, which means only front sometimes get changed, also fuel filter and pollen fil
  5. Hi Barry That sounds like the active alarm sounder, its in a metal box under the fuse box at this age the batteries inside fail and the shake themselves to bits can be fixed with a replacement, I replaced mine with the non active sounder, active ones tend to give lots of problems and random alarm conditions cheers Joe
  6. Hi Barry I'm a S-type R owner what do you need to know here some good reading, have a look here for lots of S-type info, manuals, service info and jaguar bulletins http://www.jagrepair.com/ cheers Joe
  7. hi it does not need doing if your not bothered about one touch on the windows apart from the clock which will need doing and also reset the epb. cheers Joe
  8. hi check the button are working they are prone to sticking or failing if the button sticks it might stop the other remote from working starting the car is the transponder chip, and the remote wont effect starting may possibly door module, there quite cheap on ebay but it will need programing to the car cheers Joe
  9. hi on the S-type new keys and remotes can only be programed with Jaguar IDS/SDD software you either need a jaguar repairer or indy, or a lock smith with the software cheers Joe
  10. hi as with most faults, get the codes read, any answers on here are just pure guess work get code read and see what the actual fault is, though this can be just a abs sensor and gearbox and engine use them ideally you want Jaguar IDS/SDD plugged in, most generic code reader are useless and will have you chasing your own tail as above as well make sure battery fully charged especially if it stood cheers Joe
  11. Calcium ones are lead acid batteries, with different grids inside instead of lead, AGM seen to be the best at the moment, there gel and dont leak and have better output amp and cranking amps got mine from battery megastore, good value and got it next day, this was before covid though cheers Joe
  12. Hi Paul I've got that with my AA worth remembering and quite a saving, than paying for the replacement yours self does that cover key and remote all programmed cheers Joe
  13. hi as above, check the connections on the nav unit in the boot, that where the video/picture is generated for the touch screen unplug them and plug them in, cheers Joe
  14. HI its always turns out be something simple usually epb module causes that fault, but the epb motor cured it glad its sorted cheers Joe
  15. hi its usually wheel/tyre or hub related you could jack the front end up, and spin the wheels slow, check for any out of shape or bulges you could swap fronts for rears wheels and see if it shifts have also known bent hubs when big pots have been hit, also hope they cleaned the hub face when discs were swapped another common problem, any corrosion or build up can cause this cheers Joe
  16. hi yes , if once the ball joint is split, and the ball joint has resistance, not sloppy, so the ball joint is not worn out then its serviceable, new boot and grease would save it cheers Joe
  17. hi you need get codes read, also generic code readers only read engine fault codes it could be one of many things like abs sensor, best to get it read on Jaguar IDS/SDD so it will show all faults on the car cheers Joe
  18. hi either something binding, like brakes or gearbox is low on oil cheers Joe
  19. hi epb actuator/motot don't need coding but the module does if its brand new, used one will usually work if it off a similar car, like both auto or both manual, if its off a manual and fitted to a auto, or the other way round the module wont work, because its looking in the wrong place for signals just remember to either disconnect battery or epb module completely, so you get the park brake calibration message on the dash, otherwise, the hand brake wont work properly and could end up with faults or excessive pad wear cheers Joe
  20. hi wrong time of year for me its too cold at the moment there must be someone local to you can you still drive the car, you should be able to release the park brake and drive it I take it you've tried swapping the module in the boot, they are a common fail if theres damp in the boot and there quite cheap on ebay only place I know local is AWJ automotive, the Jaguar specialist, maybe worth a phone call also I take it you battery is in tip top condition, if the battery is low is causes lots of problems like this, cheers Joe
  21. hi I,m Electrical engineer, been working on cars for years as a hobby know the S-type pretty well, find a descent auto electrician and he should be able to sort it link to wiring diagram was above cheers Joe
  22. hi easiest option, rather than trying to find the fault just rewire the 2 scp connections to the module to a nearest working module so id link the epb module to rear body module, there all wired in parallel, so find the connections on the rear body module and link it to the epb module cheers Joe all wiring diagrams here.http://www.jagrepair.com/
  23. hi theres plenty on ebay just message a few folk who are breaking them
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