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  1. hi if your getting restricted performance, then theres fault codes, you need to read the codes while the fault still active codes should point you in the right direction, could be absoluetly anything cheers Joe
  2. Hi Thats usually a bad window motor/electronics the press it 8 times is a emergency mode to shut the window needs a new windoe motor cheers Joe
  3. Hi Look good, be interesting if they pass MOT might be a option for one of my other cars cheers Joe
  4. Hi Thats one Ive never seen before, I's check all the fuses are good, as one may of popped when been put back in, also check the relays are in correct and in the right slot, easily mixed up have you tried disconnecting the battery since, may reset it if that does not work, ideally you need some one with Jaguar ids/sdd, as that will read every module and hopefully show up the fault cheers Joe
  5. hi not to sure on the F-types, but on other cars with battery management the battery has to be programmed to the car, like on BMW's replacing the battery or disconnecting the battery, can result in the car wont start afterwards until the battery is registered to the car but Ive found out in a emergency, theres a sensor on the negative battery post that monitors battery charge and discharge, if this sensor is disconnected the car will start, but stop/start facility will be disabled, but ideal to get you home or to a garage very handy if the battery need to be charged or replaced, with out a proper garage doing it icarsoft LR V2 can register battries on these might not apply, but works on most stop/start cars cheers Joe
  6. hi YES it fine, can recomend CTEK smart chargers , can be left on all the time, with battery in situ, will keep the battery tip top, I've got one on my S-type R and never had any faults in over 7 years just check the battery vent tube is present, should be a vent pipe on the battery that goes out the back of the car, so any gases produced dont build up in the boot, sometimes left off when a new battery is fitted cheers Joe
  7. Hi yes Ive heard of them, you should be fine there cheers Joe
  8. Ideally you need to plug in with something like Jaguar IDS looking at live data should tell if any sensors are not reading right and what are at fault most sensors will cause limp mode and limit the revs and power, but it should still rev clean with a fault could also be a bad ECU, there at that age where the capacitors are failing and can cause this sort of fault There lots of place that can check these and repair in faulty, might be the first part I would eliminate if its stood, Ive had it a few times on various cars, had the caps replaced and its like new again do you have any fault codes? cheers Joe
  9. hi not too sure on the XKR, but on the S-type R, similar engine and ecu, there quite fussy and only the denso lamda sensors work correct, after market ones generally give lots of faults cheers Joe
  10. hi its usually due at 10 years or 100k, which ever comes first, I'd be try getting it done now by the dealer with the deal, jaguar prices were around £400 to £500 mark, but using genuine parts means its good for another 10 years Indy prices will be cheaper, around £300 to £400 mark, but will be with after market parts like gates, which are only good for 6 years shop around and get prices, but I would try do a deal before you collect the car cheers Joe
  11. hi you can just replace the rubber boots, loads on ebay but its far easier just to swap both rear tie rods dont forget to get the rear tracking checked as this will alter the tracking and will need setting up cheers Joe
  12. hi you need to get it plugged in and see what the fault is could be one of a 1000 things, just pure guess work on here cheers Joe
  13. hi try auto reserve jaguar, they have lots of quality used parts cheers Joe
  14. Hi Dont think there was ever a option of 2 tone from the factory if you look in the x-type brochures there was never any 2 tone ones also may be worth mentioning, now been 2 tone, may effect the insurance, as any paintwork due to a accident would cost considerably more, than a standard car cheers Joe
  15. hi I would change it and flush it, some coolants react with alloys should be OAT red/orange colour its not expensive either, plenty of OAT coolants out there cheers Joe
  16. Hi Intercooler on yours is air/air so cant effect cooling system would start with a good flush and good quality OAT coolant after
  17. hi usually wrong coolant or mixing different types of coolant you dont say what model you have, but only models with water/air intercoolers are the supercharged models, every other turbo model uses air/air intercoolers, also intercooler would not cause dirt in the system as there plastic and aluminium if its oily residues in the water, then best do a sniff test and get the auto oil cooler checked, as on some model the gearbox oil cooler is built into the radiator but flush it with lots of water and refill with correct coolant, which on most Jaguars is OAT, should be a red/orange colour cheers Joe
  18. HI Very nice Would also put it on Ebay as a classified, has a much wider audience good luck with the sale cheers Joe
  19. hi not wont damage the gears but may of damaged the J-gate or selecter depending on what it has if the gearbox does not see its in park or neutral, it wont let the car start cheers Joe
  20. hi great cars, there getting to age now where they need some tlc, regular maintenance usually keeps them going well, mines been well looks after and has been very reliable cheers Joe
  21. hi the batteries in the remote have nothing to do with the imobiliser, theres a transponder chip in each key that used to read a code so the car will start you can remove the remote and the car will still start fine as some cars came with a valet key just to start the car and gives no access to boot and glovebox so if your car was cutting out, its something else, just a fluke as changing the battery cured it cheers Joe
  22. hi try Krown rust treatmentm, there very good just google them and they also have a group on facebook with plenty of videos they do a very good job and treat the whole car inside and out also comes with a guarantee thanks Joe
  23. Hi Sure the diesel have timing belts, 2 off, one at front for timing and 1 at rear for high pressure fuel pump usually 10 years or 100k, Jaguar use to do fixed priced servicing on these, but would be better off with a good indy also if genuine parts are used you can forget about it for another 10 years, if after market parts are used, like gates belts, there only 6 year interval cheers Joe
  24. Hi Put them on ebay, by far has the widest audience, just look on there and see what other seats are selling for, then adjust because there unused do you know what year they are, as the drivers seat on some will be canbus controlled, might want to include pics of any modules underneath them and if there heated or not, will make them worth more cheers Joe
  25. hi if you have the touch screen I upgraded mine to Jagdroid, by far the best out there, but its not cheap but if its a keeper its well worth it basically anything you can do on your phone, you can do on this, with reverse cameras, internet, dab and lots more https://www.jagdroid.org/ love mine, really great cheers Joe
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