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broken central locking

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Guys the central locking on my 2000 S Type stopped working some months ago but it wasn't too big a deal for me as i'm normally the only one in it, as it's my second car, however on Saturday the passenger front door wouldn't unlock using the black lever inside as I normally do and now I can't get it to unlock so cant open it at all.  Do any of you have any ideas on what I can do to try and unlock it as I don't see how I could get to the mechanism never mind repair it.


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I had a similar issue when I 1st got mine, but it seems to have fixed itself since I refurbed one key fob and bought a 2nd one from eBay that a local independent programmed. Before I had the working fobs that you can unlock the doors with from the inside, I came close to being stuck in there! When I was looking for advice I learnt it was possible to take off the door cards and lube various parts of the locking mechanism, but I haven't got around to doing this yet.

Good luck :wink:

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