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2.7td S type a/c compressor removal


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Hi all, I am about to attempt to change the a/c compressor/pump but finding it difficult to find any links to inform me of the removal procedure.

Does anyone have experience in this area or can possibly point me in the right direction to get info and photos?

Does anyone know a ball park figure as to how much it would cost to get it done at a garage

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.


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As far as I know you need specialist equipment to de-gas the AC system, I would suggest it is not something you would want to attempt, unless you are experienced in this field, and have the 'Kit' to hand?

I had mine replaced last year £700 inc new aux belt while it was off, re-gas, pressure tested for leaks (mine is a petrol by the way)



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Problem solved and all up and running.

Not a job I will do again but the experience was lets say very trying at best.

In the time between it failing and fitting a new one I fitted a smaller belt to bypass the pump to get me by.

Perhaps an alternative to changing the pump if money is tight.

Had no problems running it this way at all.


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