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Looking to buy xf

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HI, im new around here. Im looking to buy a second hand XF (portfolio S).

I've found one i like at a fairly local garage, i bought my last car from them, so trust them.

I was wondering what, if anything i should be looking out for or asking about when i go to see it? Any common faults or problems? Its on a 60 plate and it seems to have a decent amount of kit.

It will be my first experience of a jaguar, its a big step up from my vauxhall astra vxr, that im driving at the moment! Im bored with hot hatches and want something abit more grown up and with a touch of luxury.  The thing i will miss from the vxr is the sound, i know its all exhaust but mine does sound nice, i know the jaguar is quiet when cruising, but when you put your foot down  doesit make a good sound? I have thought about getting an aftermarket exhaust for it, just to add a nice burble. Are there any, that anyone recommends?


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Hi Nick,

Welcome  aboard, I own the premium luxury S 2011 with just under 60,000 miles on, some good advise for your test drive would be to to brake hard from 70 mph to check for brake shudder, discs and pads can be suspect,also check engine oil level, and  air con is ice cold, make sure it's serviced and timing belt has been sorted if it's done over 100,000. Good luck.

regards Dave 

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hi, thanks for the reply.


Unfortunately the car i wanted was sold the day before i went to have a look at it. Fortunately another garage had a 2011 Luxury S with just over 30k miles on it. Went up at the weekend and had a look round it and had a test drive. I could tell with 3 minutes of driving it, that i was going to buy it. So nice to drive. Its in black with a few chrome extras, like the door mirrors. As i said it drives perfectly, full service history from jaguar. Nothing mechanically wrong with it. The only thing that was wrong, was the front passenger alloy has a dent in it, its not affecting the way it drives and its not doing any damage to the tyre, so will probably see if i can get it repaired locally.

Its a smallish company i bought it from, but the owner (who i dealt with) is a big jaguar guy, owns a couple and always has a few in stock, says its the best jaguar he's every had come through the business, and soon as i take delivery of it he's going to go buy another one, he even said to me that he hadnt listed it for a few weeks after he bought it because he loved it so much he didnt really want to sell it.

So as you can imagine i am very excited about picking it up (which should be tomorrow afternoon). I'm going to drive it for a while, then after ive spent some time with it, decide if i think it needs abit more power through a remap, or if the sounds needs enhancing with a new exhaust system

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yeah, they do look really good. I really need to hear what they sound like in real life before i jump in. Just worried that i pay alot of money for them and its makes little or no difference on a diesel

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