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Coolant Reservoir Tank


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Hi Guys

Just a quick question I have a Slight coolant leak, on my S-Type 07 plate, and Im thinking of replacing the coolant reservoir tank, is the replacement fairly easy? Any sort of advice would greatly appreciated.


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I found it fairly easy, top hoses use spring type hose clamps, a pair of long nose pliers do the trick

the tricky one is the bottom hose, as its a quick release type, you push a tab in, then it slides off, only problem is theres not much space



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Hi all been having the same problem on my 53 2.5 se

After the radiator went bang

Since then i have had to replace the top hose 

But still have a coant leak 

Then the other day i put some drain dye into the expansion tank hoping to locate the leak and suprise suprise there it is . The rubber seal inthe middle of the v that seals the radiator coolant return pipe (a cast aluminium part that is bolted on one side but held in the other by a rubber seal )  only thing i now i ll have to take the intake manifold off to remove  the ofending part and replace the seal 

But as the manifold will be off i will take the time to change the plugs as they are due soon 

Hope this info helps 

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