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Transmission noise, I think!


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As you can see I,m new to x-type ownership, and to this forum, I'll visit the newbies section in a minute and introduce myself, but this noise is concerning me.

I've just bought a 2008 V6 3 litre estate sport version with 110K miles on the clock, full main dealer history, last serviced in March.

On the test drive i did notice that the ride was a little firm and sometimes rattly, especially from the rear, but put this down to a few things, hard suspension, road condition and possible worn suspension components, other than that the car drove quite well.

Since driving it a little more I've noticed that I'm getting a clonking type noise when I pull away, and then again if I'm going up hill and change from 1st to 2nd, I must say it's not all the time, but it's just as though there's slack somewhere in the drive shafts/joints etc and you're just taking that slack up when pulling away.

It's booked in with my trusty local guy this week, but would be helpful if anyone has had this problem before, or, is it one of the quirks of the 4 wheel drive jag drive-train, and something you live with.

I might add that I bought the car privately.


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Hi Steve...welcome to the club!

Hope the knocking noise doesn't put you off the Jaguar too much. It can be really annoying to have even a slight fault but one hopefully can be easily rectified.

Hope you get it resolved and please let us know how you got on.

Best Regards,  Trevor - Admin

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Sound a little like slack in the transfer box, mine clunked when I got it at 60,000 and still clunked at 96,000 when I sold it. I reduced it by changing gear slowly and carefully.

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Just spoke to the guy that's doing the work and he's found a stabaliser link on the rear that requires replacing, ( that should sort the rattle out ), but more worrying is he found quite a bit of play in the drive shaft out from the gearbox.

He's going to start stripping it to see where it's coming from, does this sound like the diff, or are the drive shaft splines a known problem.

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Turned out to be the front O/S drive shaft that was very worn, new shaft fitted and happy days.

I've also reduced the tyre pressures slightly, now running 35 on the front and 33 on the rear, it was just too harsh for me, especially with 18" rims and sport suspension, I'll see what tyre wear is like after a few hundred miles, but I'm sure it will be ok.

I've tried to find another car like mine on the internet, as you do, but can't find any for sale, or, that have been sold, ( eBay facility ).

Are the sport versions, ( with the smooth type bumpers ), hard to find.

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