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Locking / Unlocking Jaguar XF

Phosphor Blue

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Hello everyone, sorry to have to ask, and yes, I know this makes me look like a useless prat, but I'm having a right ole problem with locking and unlocking the ''Big Black Cat'', in that do I lock using the little square pad on the door handle, or, just using the remote fob?? Also, it seems, that the power folding mirrors have a mind of their own, and will fold in when it suits them ( or when I do the locking / unlocking correctly?? ) Any HELP in this issue would be greatly appreciated :w00t::yahoo: as at the moment i'm :wallbash::wacko::withstupid:

Malc ( Phosphor Blue )

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Hi again everyone, well the answer to the ''above problem'' has been solved, I am thankfully NOT at fault, its a faulty door electrical item apparently, which Hatfields Jaguar are going to fix under warranty also, so its happy days ..... again :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

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