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New XK owner with a slight niggle

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Morning - brand new to the world of Jaguar and XK.  What a noise!!  Loving it (with the exception of the radio aerial!).  Got one slight niggle Im hoping you can help with.  There is an annoying rattle at 1250 rpm when accelerating lightly in low gears.  Oddly, I cannot seem to replicate this when the car is in neutral.  I have  checked the various heat shields under the car and cannot seem to find one that is loose or fouling the exhaust.  Hard to make a call as to where  the rattle is coming from (front or back) so I know this post is shooting in the dark, but if anyone could give me a pointer I would really appreciate it.  Thanks in advance

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Hi Chris'

Look for my posting of 'Annoying vibration @ 1200 revs'. If you have the same problem I had have your Main Dealer look at Tech Bulletin JTB00088.

It solved the problem, and even though my car was 6 years old when they did the alteration ( a clamp I think on the exhaust manifold), it was paid for by Jaguar.

My thanks to member JHDEE.

Hope this helps.


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Update, hoping this may be of use to someone in the future. All sorted. It was an identification plate that was originally welded to one of the silencer boxes. Had partially come off but what remained was vibrating. 

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