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Premium sound retrofit


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Saturday morning...big yawn and stretch .....jump in car and drive to see paul Raistlin and Dennis in birmingham.

First order of the day......strip car and install speakers.....amplifier and Dennis got to remove the rear shelves and fit new ones with the speakers. All went well and I think all was done in not much over an hour and a half. Quick test....quick adjustment and all good.

The premium sound is absolutely stunning...much better than the standard system. Much clearer...much more depth in tone...and yes it is louder if you want that sort of thing.

Part 2 of the mission....Paul to plug in the laptop and tell the car the bluetooth phone and the CDC were actually there and to allow voice activation.......bit nervy at one point but mission successful! All done in a matter of hours for everything!!!

we have now installed totally voice activation from scratch and the premium sound and also the bluetooth phone..... all the obvious retrofits I wanted when I bought the car. I didn't even know these things could be done.

Huge thanks to the main man Paul for the help with these projects and also thanks to Dennis for helping the projects along. Really appreciate you giving up your time to help and advise on this. It's obvious you both love the s type and are passionate about helping others!

Now then gents........next project in the pipeline. Be safe....and thanks again.

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guessing the premium sound? Firstly do you have the touchscreen nav already in the car? If yes your ok and my comments are relevant.

4 premium speakers with built in tweeters.( there are 2 small badges with the speaker brand that fit onto the 2 front speakers....not a necessity but complete the look).

2 bass speakers for rear parcel shelf ( shelf may need replacing)

1 amp for rear boot compartment

1 new d2 optical lead.

think that covers the parts. Fitting them is not too difficult but thankfully I had a couple of experts helping.

It really is a worthwhile retrofit. The sound is so much better than a standard system and at volume is much clearer.

Hope that helps.


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6 hours ago, Stevefoxton said:

Go for it GARY. It really is worth while.

There are people on here who have a wealth of expertise who can assist.

Hope all goes well and please keep me posted what you think if you proceed.


will do, couple of other things to sort first

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