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Hello all. Very excited to own my first Jaguar (black 2002 XK8, detroit alloys, chrome grill, ivory interior with 33k miles). i had it checked out from someone recommended from another Jaguar forum, and hte car had a relatively clean report. i also have a huge smile on my face everytime i drive the car...so thats priceless.

Unfortunately, only had the car a month or so and have an ABS failure light that comes on/off - so will be looking to find a recommended independent specialist in London (I am in North London, but don't mind driving a bit for a recommended specialist!). if anyone has any suggestions for an independent specialist, please do help.

Anyways, look forward to being a part of the community and hope to meet some of you in person at the meets.


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Hey Jason,

Welcome to the forum and well done on the XK8 X100 purchase, yours seems super low mileage for the year and I imagine there's a story there!

I can't help with the recommend as I do my own mechanics, and I hope you have more luck with the XK8 forum than I did, I'm looking for an XKR X100 coupe, and the only replies I got from the X100 forum were from fellow S-Type owners.

Is this your only car or one for Sunday best and how are you finding her so far?

All the best, Russ  

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Hi Russ,

Thanks for the reply, appreciated. I look forward to learning from the forums.

In terms of the history of the car, it has had two owners - one from Hertfordshire and one from London. Had 11 services during its 33k miles, and was only doing around 2k or so miles a year the last few years - so its in decent shape.

Do you have a lot of experience doing your own mechanics? I am tempted to try and do a little more work on the car and try to troubleshoot myself with youtube and help from the forums..but I'm not particularly good at DIY. But perhaps with some patience i can learn and perahps even enjoy it!

Luckily my neighbor is an ex-mechanic for BMW so he will do the oil/filter changfes (i'll try and learn) and change over the water and coolant etc.

This is my only car (I take the tube to central london for work each day), so driving it once or twice during the week (5 miles here and there) and some longer drives on sundays. i was hoping to keep this car for the long run, if it doenst cost me too much to maintain. should only do around 2k-3k miles a year i imagine..

so far its a ton of fun, love driving her, girlfriend is in love with the car as well. and for a relatively inexpensive car, she gets a lot of admiring comments -moreso than other vehicles i have owned in the past. also a lot fun to drive.

good luck with the search for the xkr. i would love the extra power myself, but this car came up with low miles and i like the black colour so couldnt resist!

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