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2007 S Type 2.7 V6 Diesel

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Hi Trevor

If Jaguar UK cant help, then perhaps its not just a simple question, I have seen pics on another forum, regarding the removal of the sump tray (S type Petrol) although I didn't pay to much attention, it appears that the engine needs support from above, whilst there may be the need to remove a cross member from below, clearly that would expose the bottom of the engine, but I reiterate, that was a petrol engine.

Wouldn't a damaged Con-Rod have caused other damage, perhaps to Crankshaft / piston bores?

Sorry not really been to much help, but it may give you an idea for further investigation


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Hi Steve,

Thank you for the reply, the first so far, I just can't believe how difficult it is these days to get a simple question answered!


The S type I'm considering, has ingested water into its air intake, so could well be just a bent con rod.

A very easy job for me, but would not entertain it if the engine has to be removed from the vehicle.


Kind regards,


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Have you tried phoning part suppliers for example


and asking if it's possible? (Not Jaguar parts but they may know)

Years ago I changed big end bearings on a Fiat 125 Twin cam, but had to remove a cross member to get the sump off.

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Hi Trevor I dont want to put a damper on this but if at some stage this car has had a hydraulic issue It is hard to believe that a bent con rod will be the only damage it could of bent a valve damaged a piston caused the cam belt 

to slip a tooth or lots more so please be on your guard As for having to take the engine out I would of thought so as you as you will have to take the inlet and exhaust manifolds cam covers and if you dont know witch con rod is bent both heads off with not much room to work I know what I would do All the best Trevor 

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