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Certificate of Conformity


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I have been trying to get a COC from Jaguar for 3 weeks now, something that I feel should be supplied automatically and they charge £100.00 for.

We seem to have met all of the requirements with the exception of an image of the VIN number stamped into the chassis, that we just cannot find

I have been advised that it may be in several locations and have checked them all.

It is a 2011 LHD 3.0D.

Anyone have any further suggestions as to location?

I am now getting a bit desperate as we have moved from France to Spain and have to re-register the vehicle as Spanish within a strict time frame. If it is late it will cost me around 7,000 Euro

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I FOUND IT (insert rockets and fireworks going off emoticon)

It is behind the rear right passenger seat, on the side wall.

There is a tiny hole in the carpet covering, big enough to get a small screwdriver in, which opens a flap and exposes the number.

On mine the fibres of the carpet had spread and just about concealed the hole.

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