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egr valves


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Just blanked off my egr valves, was having restricted performance on dash, and loss of power, and was told it was egr valves.

Car is a high miler, 2006 2.7 diesel, but still goes like a rocket, and i love driving it.

The only downside is amber eng. mgt. light is on now, but car is running great, been quoted £220 plus vat to remap and put light out, considering age and mileage, wont bother, will put up with the light.

Anyone else had any dealings with egr valves ?.

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Hi Allan

Had a very similar problem to the one you described on my 2.7. Mine would start and after a few seconds, it would cut-out. Tried blanking off egr valves and this made no difference. My fault was rectified within a matter of minutes - it was the MAP sensor clogged up.

Take off the top engine cover and the sensor concerned is right on the top with a three wire plug attached and one screw holding in place. Remove screw and withdraw. The underside is a small cone shape with a hole in the middle. Make sure hole is open (may have to scrape some crud off) and clean with carb cleaner or petrol and air line then, refit.

Hope this helps

Martyn (Actros)

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