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sat nag and stereo


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Hi All,

After some advice. 

I bought a 2001 2.5 V6 X type the other day and at first I thought no satnav, then when looking in the boot there was the satnav unit and I thought odd. Whilst looking throughout the paperwork that came with the car, i noticed a load of electrical schematics had been downloaded, so it appears that someone was in the middle of upgrading the car to satnav. However in the process the cd player doesn't work and the radio doesn't receive FM signal. So Questions are, How hard is the upgrade? Is it worth it? Any ideas on the CD player and Radio FM issue.

The only other issues with the car are the cruise doesn't work, not sure why as apparently it did, and occasionally it puffs out smoke but my mate who was following thought it was more like steam than smoke due to the colour and smell?!! Otherwise it drives lovely.

Thanks all for any and all advice.

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