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Hi all


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We have just become a member of the Jaguar club. I have wanted one for years.

Last Saturday we came home with a 16 plate 2.0d 180ps Jag XE auto Prestige in ultimate black with quite a few extras on board and loving it!

It's had the ceramic coating put on the paintwork and dealer has suggested just hosing it over with water and then wiping her down. Is this my best course and if so what should I use to do this? A good chamois leather? Someone mentioned to me using lambs wool? What do you guys use

Thanks for any input and look forward to sharing thoughts

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Welcome to the Club, Mark.

You have a very nice car and you have taken the trouble to have the ceramic paint protection system, which does last quite a long time.

The dealer is quite right is saying that all you need to do is use plain water.

I had my [then] 6 years old s type in Indigo Blue given a paint protection coating 3 years ago, and when washing it I use the three bucket system. A gentle wash using a microfibre cloth, and then a second bucket just to make sure you haven't missed anything. The third bucket is a good rinse.

I always use microfibre cloths, or cleaning "sponges".  I then dry the car using a towel from Halfords specifically made for the purpose, I was advised by a professional detailer not to use a chamois leather. 

Lambs wool is said to be good, although I have never used it.

My car sits on the driveway and is our daily ride.

I hope this has been useful. We do make good cars in the West Midlands!



Taken after rain - my s type, the reflection on the bonnet, and the third is a close up of the bonnet after rain. 




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