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  1. Welcome to the club, Ambrosian, Firstly I think that a 2004 s type would have a 2.5 litre petrol engine which would probably return 32 mpg on a motorway towards London from Southampton which is not too bad. Secondly, you will have to mark down the traffic level on that road. My s type is a diesel with a 2.7 litre engine which on one occasion on a motorway with a speed limit of 50 mph due to road works gave me 50.2 mpg and 46 mpg on a different route on return. A round trip on the M1 and the M1 & M42 return - a 190 round trip. A petrol engine with a similar car would at best been around 35 mpg. Regards, Peter.
  2. Hi Roger, I have the P Zero. I did try Goodyear and found that they were quite quiet, but started wearing after about 6,000 miles [2.5 years]. Pirelli are stronger and hold the road better but are slightly noisier on rough roads. Peter
  3. Hi Dos, I hope you can find a good independent dealer to keep your car going. I am sorry about the loss of your wife and I hope you settle in you home OK. I am quite lucky in that my wife is still going well at 80 and I am just thinking how all would be if either one of us loses the other. I am now 87 and still fit [I hope]. Regards, Peter.
  4. Welcome to the club, Dos. Looking at what you said about cam belt changes I am guessing that your car has a diesel engine. If so, your car will be looking at a cam belt change at 10 years or 100,000 miles. My s type Diesel has about 85,000 miles and 15 years but also with an engine change at a dealers error 12 years ago. I was advised by a first class mechanic who has been maintaining my cars for 20 years that my cam belt was in perfect condition after 12 years. It could be that your car has a similar position so I would have a good mechanic look at your engine and make some advice after. Regards, Peter.
  5. Bosch have been on my s-type for years - only chaged twice. Peter.
  6. Hi Chris, and welcome to the the club. Blue is nice and suits the s type. My s type is blue! Regatds, Peter.
  7. Welcome to the club, Ronnie I am not a technical person, but I do know a few hings about batteries. My 15 year old S Type is mostly sitting on my driveway with the Covid situation having few occasions to use the car, and so I need to charge the battery every 5 days if I have not used it. I use a Ctek battery charger [cost around £65 - $80 - ] and I have an electrical connection on the wall close to the garage. The trickle charger in the sun of California will be very useful. Regards, Peter
  8. My Goodyears were quiet but wore out very quickly , particularly when on poor roads. Pirelli were a little noisier but held the road better and last much longer. Peter.
  9. Hi David, Sorry to see you lose your Jaguar. I have had similar thoughts but even though I had an offer [£5k] for my s-type we had made sure that we could avoid Covid etc. We have both had our 3 jabs and have kept away of the crowds. Look in when you can, enjoy the day, and my best regards, Peter.
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