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  1. Hi James, If the amber light could talk it would say "Fix it now and don't mess around". You should now get the DPF dealt with by a garage. Removing the innards of the DPF is illegal and you will fail an MOT. Don't do it. Regards, Peter.
  2. Could there be a little more information, Edward. Model of JaguarAge and gearbox etc
  3. Hi Loriann, The battery should always be properly connected. Also batteries on the s type last no longer than about 5 years, so if your battery is older I would recommend a new one, making sure it is a correct one. Regards, Peter.
  4. Welcome to the the club, Andy. I am also a little surprised at the absence in the of quite a few Jaguar owners, and that includes the F type which is a very good successor to the E Type. I have only been in one F Type and guess that there are not many around. Carry on enjoying your Jaguar -- you will have quite a few envying you. Regards, Peter.
  5. I think you are correct, Darren. Jaguar cars are very solid if driven properly. Peter.
  6. Welcome to the club, Matt. Both of the cars you are looking at sound quite good. I would not be worried about the cam chain at all. If the engine on the cars you are looking at has a cam belt it is usually 10 years or 105,000 miles. My s type has the 2.7 diesel engine and has 86,000 miles on the clock and had a new engine while at the dealers when 2 years old under warranty -- the cam belt has not been changed as a very good mechanic saw it and felt that it was in a very good condition.-, even though it was 12 years old! Just enjoy the car -- Grace, Space, and Pace.
  7. Hi Deirdre and welcome to the club. It doesn't surprise me when the battery is fading. It happened to me when a 3 year old battery was past its best. If you have a good mechanic in the area, a visit to him/her would be the best option. Regards, Peter.
  8. Welcome to the club, John. There are three options:- 1. Tyre repair inflator plus gunk. 2. Space saver spare wheel. 3. A real spare wheel. I might be old fashioned but I have a real spare wheel which was provided in the factory as an optional extra. It gives me a good feel when driving. Regards, Peter.
  9. Hi John, What you have said is so true. There are so many people who allow their tyres to wear till the last minute. I am regarded by some as a nut case for changing my tyres while there is still "some life in them". I was coming back from work in 1963 when an e-type passed me on the Chestier by-pass with on of his tyres having bare canvas. Luckily I was driving a fast motorcycle and I was able to catch him. He was horrified but I think he learned a lesson! Regards, Peter.
  10. Hi John, I had a pothole blowout 18 months ago. I checked the tyre in question and found that the rim was safe and undamaged and there appeared to be enough strength in the tyre to allow me to drive safely the mile and a half home at 10 mph. Regards, Peter.
  11. Welcome to the club, Chris. That is quite a good idea. My s type came with a spare wheel and full user bits. It had been factory fitted as an extra.. Very useful even if you never have to use it! Regards, Peter.
  12. H Lawrence, This even was three years ago and it was at Lancaster Jaguar in Tamworth. Peter.
  13. Hi Sandra, and welcome to the club. I would try a Jaguar main dealer or even ring Jaguar directly. Let us know how you get on. Regards, Peter.
  14. Hi Bart, I just used it to keep the EGR valves clean. If you are using Wynns spray you just need to take out the filter and you will see the exhaust gas at the end. The filter is at the right hand side. Peter.
  15. Hi Bart, Using Wynns spray you need to remove the filter and spray into the exhaust. I gave up on that when I found Millers DIESEL POWER ECO PLUS and never a problem since that. With Millers you put a small amount into the fuel tank every time you fill up which is much easier. I also use premium fuel. I have also never had a DPF problem even though I do have short journeys. Regards, Peter.
  16. Welcome to the Club, Roy. My s type is exactly the same as yours but a 2007 plate and 86,000 miles. You will enjoy the s type. The car has Grace, Space and Pace = I quote Sir William Lyons who founded Jaguar. Any questions you have don't hesitate. Regards, Peter.
  17. Welcome to the club, Wayne. I have had my s type for 8 years without anything major to worry about. Just use Premium fuel, as Jaguar cars like it, drive it carefully and remember Grace, Pace and Space - the words from Sir William Lyons. Regards, Peter.
  18. Hi Phil, I don't think the negative should be 3'4inches away. [I don't like foreign measures]. When you get a Ctek -- I have a Ctek 5 Lead Acid charger -- you will find that you also get terminal connections and a battery reader which tells you the condition of your battery. Regards, Peter.
  19. Hi Paul, I have never come across about connecting the negative lead to the metalwork, although in my wife's Toyota Yaris Hybrid you have to do that as the battery [not the big one] is under the rear seat with the big one. The S type battery negative terminal is attached to the metalwork. Peter.
  20. Hi Phlllip, I agree with John. I have had a CTEK for 3 years which is permanently connected to the battery in the boot. I have an electric connection just outside the garage and charge my battery once a week -- this lockdown is stopping me having a long drive every week. The CTEK is not that expensive. Us Lancastrians would rather be drowned than done! Peter.
  21. Hi Dave, My s type is the SE, and the first owner must have had a reasonable good back pocket. I checked all the factory fitted extras and they added up tp £11,984. Even a spare wheel, jack etc was fitted. My employer used to deduct my mortgage from my salary and I forgot about it. Regards, Peter.
  22. Hi David, I have used the same system for few times. Installing all the upgrades can be a real nuisance. When I bought my s type almost 8 years ago, I was able to discuss with a main dealer the bells and whistles that I wanted, and the dealer was able to provide a 2007 model at a reasonable price. I have not had any real problems. The Government can assist sometimes! I have had the pleasure of not having to pay a mortgage for the last 26 years, which does help an impecunious pensioner! Regards, Peter.
  23. Hi David, and welcome to the club. I have a 2,7 D s type and sometimes, particularly in the winter when the heater is one you do get fumes coming into the cabin. The reason is due to the s type diesel have a heater start up - assisting the heater to get going as the diesel takes a few miles to get the heat through otherwise. The mechanic could be correct. But if it stays longer than a couple of minutes they do check out why! The exhaust on my s type is a stainless steel on which will last as long as the cr. Regards, Peter.
  24. I am inclined to agree with Neil in respect of charging points. Hybrids should be kept going for a longer time. My wife's Toyota Yaris is a hybrid and is capable of 100 mph [ready for lunatics] but will cruise nicely a 70mph if reqired. Peter
  25. Hi Dave, and welcome to the club. You did the correct thing in taking the car for a run. The problem was that you were somewhat diddled by the seller. I would have words with the seller. Good luck and let me know how you get on!. Regards, Peter.
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