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  1. Welcome to the Club, Steve. Good information is always appreciated. Regards, Peter.
  2. Hi Wajid, I also am no expert, but I did do a lot of research on Jaguar cars. I found that the Jaguar xjs has increased in value by 50% over the last 10 years, and maybe the xjs Club could assist you in the value of your car. On the starting problem, I think a good mechanic can fit the spark plugs, the alternator and other similar electrical bits to get the car started. About the Jaguar xjs the designs were found several years after Malcolm Sayer, the designer, had suddenly died at the age of 54. Malcolm Sayer was the designer of the Jaguar D Type racing version which was ext
  3. Hi Wajid snd welcome to the club. This model was actually a standard model but, as you could guess, was also a car that used a lot of fuel. At the time of its manufacture no-one realised that the Government were going to dramatically increase the price of petrol. When that happened Jaguar started to make a new cylinder head -- the AJ6 -- engine improvement made the car more popular and the V12 engine was abandoned. The time this happened was when Jaguar was part of the British Leyland Motor Company controlled by the then Government, and it is a lengthy piece of writing that covers
  4. Welcome to the Club, Lee. .I have an s type with a slightly smaller 2.7 litre diesel from which the 3.0 litre diesel was developed. I also do short runs and try to do a longer run - about 45 miles - once a month or so. I have had my s type for just under 8 years and never had a problem with the DFF. I use premium fuel and every fill up I put in a dose of Miller's Diesel Power Eco Max which seems to do the job. Get you XF, do like I suggest, and you will enjoy your car, Regards, Peter,
  5. Hi Tracey, and welcome to the club. John has given you a good answer. You can get the CR2016 from Boots and other similar companies. I would also look at the car battery which normally lasts about 5 years, and it could be worth checking the age of you battery. Let us know how you get on. Regards, Peter.
  6. Good Luck, Andrea. It is worth getting two keys while you are sorting this out. I always carry my key and a key to my wife's car and she does the same. Regards, Peter.
  7. Hi Karl, We have quite a lot of members in the USA as well as Australia, the Middle East and the European Mainland. When I was last in the States I saw a very nice XJ in Phoenix. Regards, Peter.
  8. I think you are incorrect. In fact, you are wrong. And I think Andrew put-on his post 6 years ago. Can I make the strong suggestion that you state a name and the model of the Jaguar car you have etc These are requirements for membership. Please regard this as a warning. Peter.
  9. Hi Karl, The metal strip on the driver's side is usually the VIN number. I think you have found it. Good Luck, Peter.
  10. And the same from me! I have followed the rules and My S Type is feeling very lonely and the CTek charger is in regular use Peter.
  11. Hi Andrea, and welcome to the club. What has happened to you is appalling. I think the only thing you could do, other than throwing your former boyfriend into the swamp, is to contact Jaguar in the UK and ask about a new ignition. Giving the VIN number should get the manufacturer the details needed. Good luck. Peter.
  12. Check the oil level when the engine has cooled down. Added to what Joe has said, it is possible that the DPF was regenerating and has used some of the engine oil to assist. Some engine il could have got into the sump. Peter.
  13. Take it back to the garage, Lionel. I guess the tyres could be the wrong ones or have not been fitted properly. Peter,
  14. I do exactly the same as Joe and Tom. I have an electrical socket outside the garage and charge my s type every week as with the lockdown system I don't drive very much. Peter
  15. Hi Bill and welcome to the club. I also have a beautiful 2007 s type 2.7 diesel, but which differs from you insofar as I managed to find that the first owner spent around £12,000 on optional extras. I am no expert on retro fitting, but there are some members who are very good experts in that field, who I am sure will assist. Regards, Peter.
  16. Welcome to the Club, Stephen. I think you will enjoy your Jaguar. As Bill Lyons said "Grace, Pace and Space". My S type in Scarborough. Just visiting! Regards, Peter.
  17. Welcome to the Club, John. Your s type looks very smart. I will keep an eye out -- I live in Sutton Coldfield. Regards, Peter
  18. Hi Jonny and welcome to the club. The XJ is a fine car - the leader of the Jaguar Brand. I see one regularly in the local supermarket. The engines in use on all models are solid and what I would look for is the top of the range interior. My S Type is 13 years old and has top end seating and is very comfortable and has little wear showing. Regards, Peter.
  19. That is even better, Daniel. It is showing the same all the time, - steady. Peter.
  20. Welcome to the club, Daniel. I should not worry about a slight increase on the instrument gauge one the halfway mark. It happens on my 2.7 diesel s type and it usually happens when I have been driving circa 70 mph and I am slowing down to 30/40 mpg. Hot weather can sometimes cause it. Regards, Peter.
  21. Maybe so, Jon. Worth trying. Peter.
  22. Hi Jon, That is a fine record! I had three motorbikes before cars. My Triumph 500cc with sidecar exploded on the Preston Bypass which is now called the M6. This was in June 1964, and the first time I took a young lady out in the sidecar. I had to get a taxi home and then I borrowed my Dad's scooter to take the young lady home to Liverpool at 330am! We were married in 1967 and the motorbikes were ended! We are still married! Regards, Peter.
  23. Hi Jon, Thanks for the kind words. I also had a disaster or two with a car. My first car was a Triumph Herald which was a dream to drive and it was great for 18 months when the chassis rusted so badly that I had it towed to the council scrap yard -- I did strip it down and sold much of it, I then bought an Austin A40 which would do 65 mph with the wind behind, which I kept until I saw an Austin 1100. The exhaust fell off when I was driving it home -- a year later the engine blew and I had to replace it for £90. It rewarded me for another 3 months of perfect driving till a But
  24. Hi Shane, You will have the same engine as in my s type. I use Millers Oils: Diesel Power ECO MAX. There are several other good additives also. Peter.
  25. Hi Shsne, I have never had the DPF message showing on my S type. Advice by a very good mechanic assisted . I was told to use an additive as well as premium fuel and to make sure I took the car for a run for about an hour once a month trying to keep the speed over 45 mph and using the manual gear changer to keep the revs up if necessary -- 3rd gear can give you the right revs if you are in slower traffic. Lockdown has been a nuisance, but I try to do about 30 miles on the A38 [dual carriageway] at least once a fortnight. The M52 would be useful. Regards, Peter.
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