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  1. Hi Giles, When I got the leaper on my s type [also a 2.7D] I bought one that was attached by an adhesive pad. It has held on quite firmly for 5 years. Regards, Peter.
  2. Hi Peter, I am not a mechanic, and getting a bit too old to get underneath cars any more -- I have a good mobile mechanic who has looked after my cars for the last 18 years. If you are doing the wheel replacement yourself it is always wise to look at other parts as well. Regards, Peter.
  3. Hi Peter, and welcome to the club. I have heard that smaller rims can give a better ride, such as 18" rims rather than 19" on an s type. What you have said does seem to to fit in with what others have done. Certainly I have a very smooth ride on my s type with 18" rims -- the s type is a fairly big car! Regards. Peter.
  4. Hi Peter, I have a Leaper on my S type which is well commented on, as the Leaper does suit the S Type which it was made for. It does not suit the the XJ or the XK. Regards, Peter.
  5. Welcome to the club, Steven. Try the David Manners Group or Rimmer Bros. I have used both and they are both reliable. Regards, Peter,
  6. Hi Paul, and welcome to the club. I found out the full details of the factory fitted options via a website which not appears to not be working properly. A main dealer should be able to give you the details and all you need should be the VIN number. The Ingenium Engine is surprising quick and a very good engine. Regards, Peter.
  7. Hi Bobbie, The answer is "Yes". My 12 year old s type is still regarded as a luxury car. Regards, Peter.
  8. Hi Nick, When I first got my s type I had an amber light come up and I took the car to a local main dealer. He told me it was the EGR valves, and they cleared the problem by giving the engine a good blast. Ten minutes £69. Peter.
  9. Hi Nathan, This is rather curious. It looks like some minor glitch. If you have an O2BD2 Reader it could probably tell you what it is. Last week I had a "Restricted Performance" message on my 2.7D S type and I found "Gearbox Fault on my cheao OBD2 reader. later in the day the "Restriced Performance " message went, but as I was going to Kent for a week I got my mechanic to use his diagnostic tool [expensive one] and he found a reference to "3rd Gear". Curious? It appears that I was finding a "creep up" to over the speed limit when I was doing an IAMRoadsmart course and I was using the manual function by putting the gearbox into 3rd gear too often. I put the car into the automatic Drive mode and it behaved perfectly! Worth a check. Regards, Peter.
  10. Hi Sonny, and welcome to the club. Look at the free App - Vehicle Smart - and you will get the record etc of your car. Regards, Peter.
  11. Hi Steve, Very interesting. Never rush anything. There is a book called "The Little Life of Don Camillo" - the story of a Catholic Priest who fought in the resistance in WW2 with a Communist, who later became his parishioner. The Communist told him "Lente, lente, Carissime. Sunt difficultates, sunt obstacula" - Slowly slowly, my good friend, there are difficulties, there are obstacles" When you are putting in the parts you will see how true that is, Regards, Peter.
  12. When I get the opportunity on a long run I put the gearbox into third gear and run at 2500 revs which seems to do the job of regenerating. Peter.
  13. HI Kevin, I tried it on my s type 2.7D about 4 years ago, and found it was quite good. A friend also had it done after a £1200 quote to replace injectors and glow plugs on his 2.0 litre D x type. The mechanic doing the job for me told me that I would not need the process too often if I use Premium fuel and the odd additive. Regards, Peter.
  14. Hi Eliesha, and welcome to the club. It sounds something like a fault in the starter motor, but I am no expert. The engine management light does indicate a fault and you need to have an OBD2 code reader to find what it is. Otherwise you could get the AA or RAC out if you are a member to diagnose the fault. Maybe another member could find a solution. Regards, Peter.
  15. Hi Ishmael, The only other option I can think of is an Auto Electrician. There used to be one advertising in the Birmingham Area --- he was a Mobile Electrician. It would be worth you going on to the internet to see if there is one around. Let us know how you get on. Peter.
  16. Hi Ishmael, and welcome to the club. I think "cheap" keys are not to be had when both keys are gone. I think you should contact a main dealer and ask for advice, or call out the AA or RAC if you are a member of either. Having two keys is advisable, and they should be kept separately to ensure that there is always one available, which would have avoided your present circumstance. The person that stole you keys could now be looking for the car, so keep it locked away in a safe place, Regards, Peter.
  17. Hi Mark, I have never heard the term "initialisation" applied to EGR valves, although they can get sticky. I always use Millers Diesel Eco plus additive to keep them clean. I had to replace both EGR valves a few months ago -- my s type V6 2.7 diesels two. Not a problem since. Regards, Peter.
  18. Welcome to the Club, Darren. I think you will enjoy the XFR -- I do get a bit jealous when I see one on the road! Don't worry about silly questions --- they will possibly get some silly answers. Regards, Peter.
  19. Hi Keith, I have found eBay useful, and I have also used Jagparts247.co.uk [07748 280772] and Jagpartseuropeltd [07484 070632]. Regards, Peter.
  20. Hi Fraser, I bought my s type when it was only 6 years old. I had found one that fitted my requirements in Dumfires, in a Stratsone dealership. I asked the Solihull Branch if they would bring it down and they said they would but they had a better one that they had in storage for 4 months. I had a look and it was in mint condition and had had a new engine after 21k miles while in Jaguar ownership. It had just 48k on the clock and every bell and whistle -- 83k now and goes like a dream. Regards Peter.
  21. Hi Fraser, and welcome to the club. There are plenty of dealerships around in the West Midlands and it is worth a Sunday Afternoon walk around some of them. I always advise potential buyers to check the history of cars they are considering to buy and you can get that from the MOT history. Download on your 'phone the App Vehicle Smart which will give you that information and it is free. Auto Trader is well worth perusing. Regards, Peter.
  22. Very interesting, James. It tells the story well, and tells you what you need to do to have a pleasant end to the story! Peter.
  23. Hi Alan, I think the first thing you ought to look at is the history of the car you are looking to buy before you start to examine it in detail. To do that, download the App called Vehicle Smart. It will give you its MOT's history and it is free. The history of the car will show you how well the cars was looked after and what test flaws it would have You may have to do some travelling to find one, and I don't think that you will find one at a Jaguar Main Dealers. Lets know how you get o. Regards, Peter.
  24. Welcome to the club, Graham. Does your Sat Nav run on a disc? If so you can look to buy one. If otherwise and the Sat Nav needs updating you might have to go to a main dealer, as far as I know. Regards, Peter.