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  1. Welcome to the club, Mike. You will enjoy the Jaguar and I hope you enjoy the club just as much. The x type is a nice comfortable car and I wish you luck with the changes you want to make --- there are members with the kind of expertise you need. I have never done anything like that myself! Regards, Peter.
  2. Hi Jon, I think you can relax a bit. 105k miles or 10 years is the criteria. My s type which has done 85k miles but had a new engine at 21k miles which leaves it with 64k miles and 11 years, BUT the belts have been examined by my mechanic and are found to be in excellent order. Regards, Peter.
  3. Welcome to the club, Kieron. Jaguars do have that magic, and reading the history of the marque you can understand why. They have gripped me so much I spent two years writing a book about Jaguars and those people who designed them. [Book now at the printers]. Regards, Peter.
  4. Hi Alan, and welcome to the club. My s type has a spare wheel and nice boot space next to the battery. I do not know the setup in the XF, but it does surprise me that there is no room in the boot for a "proper" spare wheel. Good luck in your search. Regards, Peter.
  5. Welcome to the Club, Peter. The Ingenium Engine, whether Diesel or Petrol is a good and quite frugal one. A longer journey once a month or so does help the Diesel Particulate Filter to keep clean. My 2.7 diesel has never given me any trouble over 6 years, and I find that premium fuel should go into a Jaguar! Regards, Peter.
  6. Welcome to the club, Peter. I think that the s type is a great car and I hope you enjoy it as I do mine. There a quite a few Jaguar owners in Australia who you might see around -- but Australia is a big place. Let us know how you car fares. Regards, Peter. PS. My car but not my house. Just a great holiday rental
  7. Hi Paul, The 2.2 D you had in the Mondeo is now used in the Jaguar -- Ford owned Jaguar until 2007. The best trim level is the SE which does provide a very nice interior. Regards, Peter.
  8. Hi Paul and welcome to the club. One of my sons has an X Type 2.0 Litre X Type estate and he finds that it is a reliable workhouse. I find that it is a bit noisy. [I have a very quiet s type 2.7D] I had an X Type 2.5 Litre AWD [All Wheel Drive] which was a great car, plenty of class, and very comfortable. The 2.0 litre Diesel is the old reliable Ford engine, and the 2.2 Diesel is a more modern engine and well thought of. Current owners will assist. Regards, Peter.
  9. Hi Robert and welcome to the club. I think that a main dealer may be able to help you. There used to be a site I used but I think they have stopped doing it as several members have found it was faulty. Hopefully there will be a member who will also be able to assist. Regards, Peter.
  10. Hi Steve and welcome to the club. I have found that the Jaguar experience is quite unique. I have wanted a Jaguar since I saw a friend refurbishing an early model in 1964, but limited funds and then 30 years of company cars prevented that. I have had two Jaguars, the last one for over 6 years, and s type which has given me great performance with very few issues. Regards, Peter.
  11. Welcome to the club, Andy. I have never seen an s type with roof bars and I don't think that the design of the car would lean to them. Regards, Peter
  12. Welcome to the club, Brian. The Jaguar experience is quite a unique one as can be seen by the history of the cars and the people who designed them. There is an Online Bookshop called "Transporterama" where you will find a good book still at the printers about "Jaguar, its cars and its people" that could interest you. I live just 6 miles away from Castle Bromwich where there is a big Jaguar Works. We see a lot of Jaguars, but the well looked after ones still get heads turning, even in the rain. Regards, Peter.
  13. Welcome to the club, Shaun. I hope that you will enjoy the club as much as you enjoyed your Jaguars. My S type [2007] which I have owned for 6 years has been a very reliable car, as yours has been and provided be with much enjoyment. Just Enjoy. Regards, Peter.
  14. Hi Richard, I got mine by just looking around on the internet. I can't remember exactly where. It was over 5 years ago, Regards, Peter.
  15. Hi Richard, and welcome to the Club. I have the Leaper on my s type, and I used the adhesive one that has worked well for 5 years. You must fit it if it is the bolt on type at a suitable distance from the front of the car and not protruding over the radiator grill. Regards, Peter.
  16. Hi Tim, Very useful post. Regards, Peter.
  17. Hi Vincent snd welcome to the club. I have had my s type 2.7 diesel for over 6 years. I do mainly short runs and so have to be aware of what can happen to the DPF if you don't ensure that it doesn't get full. The problems can come from the fuel system so if you use the best quality fuel you will probably get fewer particulates getting through the filter. And you can add to that the use of an additive on a fairly regular basis. I also ensure that I do a longer run once a month and it is not the time you drive for, it is more often the speed which will get the particles burnt away, If you are driving along a speed limited road you can go into the manual mode and keep the revs around 2000+rpm. The maintenance of a diesel engine should be preventative rather than sorting it out after it has happened. I have never had a problem or even a warning light on the DPF with my car. Regards, Peter.
  18. Hi Tim, and welcome to the club. I sometimes get both the ABS and the gearbox fault come up intermittently, which annoyed me somewhat as all seemed well. The ABS issue was basically an old reference, and the message was removed and only comes back if the battery is low on power. The "Gearbox fault" was a slightly different matter. I was advised to use the manual gear control [the J gate] when going downhill as it provided some drag and slowed the car down to stop it exceeding speed limit. But appears that I was using it too much and the gearbox did not like it and gave me an amber warning and "restricted performance". My mobile mechanic, who knows everything about cars, connected his diagnostic system and found that the problem appeared to be that when using the third gear the gearbox expected to then go into 4th gear and then 5th rather than directly into auto. Cheap fix! But you gear box is an older one than mine and an oil change could be useful, and failing that there are several gearbox experts who could advise. Let us know how you get on. Regards Peter.
  19. Hi Keith, It is possible that the battery needs more regular charging, and also possible the the fuel system needs a cleaning additive. I have an s type with the same engine and the same year and also live in the West Midlands. I use premium fuel plus an additive [Millers Eco + diesel] both of which seem to be doing a good job. Regards, Peter.
  20. Welcome to the club, Ross. You are quite right. I have had my s type for over six and a half years, and get the same mph as you, near enough. Apart from fuel and tyres, I have only had a water pump replaced, both EGR valves replaced, brake discs and pads, a few bulbs and one rear reversing sensor, which is not bad at all. I am going to keep it for ever! Regards, Peter.
  21. Welcome to the Club, Michael. I delivered a part to a member in Co. Galway a few years ago -- unfortunately I am not visiting Ireland this year, but I can recommend a company in the UK which I have used before. They have a website Just Jags and the name of the company is Myton Automotive, the the telephone number 01926 427315. They were very helpful, and I think they would try their best to get the part for you, Regards, Peter.
  22. Hi Mike and welcome to the club. I think that Frank is quite correct. Jaguar batteries should be changed every 5 years. Regards, Peter.
  23. Hi Nick and welcome to the club. On off my sons has a 2006 X type estate with the 2.0 D engine, and with now 140 k on the clock. It is the Sport Model and so does not have leather upholstery. The 2-0 diesel is the Ford model and was requested by owners to be used due to its steady drive and its solid reputation. I have heard of an X Type 2.0d with over 200k on the clock and still going strong. The only thing that I dislike about my son's car is that it is a bit noisy, which I think could be cured with a proper engine cover. [My s type 2.7D] is as quiet as a mouse]. It is a sturdy cat and not expensive to run. Regards, Peter.
  24. Welcome to the club,Nat. Bill Lyons said when launching a new Model [ The Mk 1 - I think] "Grace, Space and Pace" and all Jaguars have all three. My S type has the 2.7 V6 Diesel engine with the J gate manual gear control as well as being an automatic. A Touch of the s button will take the car to 140 mph [only on race tracks] and yet will cruise pleasantly along the country lanes in the utmost comfort. Sometimes the Grace element attracts comments and there are those who ask the question about performance. The twin turbos are commented on by some and fuel consumption [I have had 50.2 on a motorway ] by others Just enjoy the experience, Regards Peter.
  25. Hi Graham and welcome to the club. Luckily, I have never had this problem with a car -- I did have a cable problem with a motor cycle which was easily solved. I think that you have correctly diagnosed the probable solutions and a good mechanic could do that job much cheaper than a main dealer. Regards, Peter.