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  1. Hi Dave, The controls take some time to get the right controls and that could be in a warmer temperature. Peter.
  2. I hade heard that there was a very good Jaguar garage in Doncaster. Peter.
  3. My CTEK is exactly the same. — Good battery chargers. Peter.
  4. Welcome to the club, David. My battery on the s type has connections fitted by Jaguar and nothing else. Hope that is good. Regards, Peter.
  5. Hi Niaz, Sometimes the battery, however new, loses its charge because it has not been used for a few days. The system then will need a restart. Yje independent Jaguar specialist will be useful and not as expensive Regards Peter.
  6. Welcome to the club, Niaz. I have had that but I think that you should charge your battery delicately and then reset the windows after checking the numbers of the radio. Regards, Peter.
  7. Welcome to the club, Paul. I have had mudflats on my s type for 8 years. I just used my one of my local companies who provided them . Ebay are also quite good. Regards, Peter.
  8. Hi Ian, and welcome to the club. What I am going to tell you could be very useful but also a little difficult. My s type keys were causing a little problem, and,as you say, would be a bit costly to repair. I live in Sutton Coldfield - Birmingham - and I went to a local engineer & locksmith who managed to "invent" two keys for me for £100 after they checked my electrical part of the car. Duplicat Vehicle Locksmiths can be looked at in the Internet. Just tell me if this is of use. Regards, Peter.
  9. Welome to the Club, Keith. I have ands type 2.7 Diesel which I have had since 2013. Air condition is reasonably good but not as good as my wife's Toyota Yaris Hybrid. I just wonder why? At the moment I am not driving more than 50 miles a week so a long distance does not give me a check of the Air Condition. Good Luck Regards, Peter.
  10. Hi Tanveer, My car has the 2.7 diesel engine — My Mechanic is Darren and his phone call is 07799 460031. Tell him that I have given him his number. He has an office in Tamworth but he will also take your car for a day and pick it up for your house. Tell him that I have passed on him from me. [Peter Lightfoot]. Regards, Peter.
  11. Hi Tanveer, and welcome to the Club I live in Sutton Coldfield and have a very good mechanic. He lives near Tamworth if that helps you. He is a very helpful. Regards, Peter,
  12. Welcome to the club, Anthony. If I wrote what John has just written I would be told that I have written exactly what John has said. My s type has been in my hands since 2013 and I have not had many problems. I just take it easy and enjoy. Regards, Peter.
  13. Hi Steve, and welcome to the club. I also have an S type [2.7 diesel 2007. I do not have a camera so no answer. The S type does use that battery well as required but if I don't do a reasonable time on the road I have to give the battery a charge. Over the last 9 years I have not had electronic problems but I have had three batteries. Regards, Peter.
  14. My S Type 2007 2.7 Diesel has never had an exhaust squeak. The exhaust has never been changed fro the whole of its life — a stainless steel original life. Well worth that exhaust for an extra £292 in March 2007.
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