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I was polishing the car yesterday and noticed areas of chipping on the front spoiler. It appears to be white underneath the grey paint.

Can anyone recommend a decent touch up paint and method of repair?


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Hi Keith,

The simplest method may be to go to Halfrauds and see if they have the touch up paint / pens in the right colour and just dob it on. This may work for a spoiler and take your eye off any contrast between the top coat and primer colour. Failing this a paint specialist can mix up rattle cans to a paint code and perhaps touch ups too? You may need a bit of online research about this or local calling around, and if spraying, it'll need considerable prep.

You could also remove the spoiler, prepare it and spray it in. Mine has had a few scrapes and this is what I'm planning, while quite a major job, it's nothing as complicated or hard as doing a large panel like bonnet or door. I've invested in some kit for work that will allow me to do these jobs myself, but at a push, a spoiler could be sprayed from cans.

Speaking of large panels, I have some lacquer damage on my bonnet, and I can't see an option other that a full respray to this panel. Not sure I have the skills for this myself, as it's highly visible, but after a bit of practice, I may give it a go! Or see about subcontracting to a local bodyshop, does anyone have experience of having lacquer damage repaired and is a respray of base and lacquer coat the way to go.

Good luck, hope you get it sorted :wink:

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Well done Keith, I had an MGF keyed across the drivers door some years ago, and used a touch up pen as a temporary repair. While it didn't bear close inspection, it stopped having a hard white line on the BRG paint, and kept it relatively respectable until I had the whole car resprayed some time later.

Interesting you can order the touch up pens from Amazon, I'll look there next time I need one ;)

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