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Jaguar Wheel Trim 20' detroit alloys


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hello, so unfortuantely managed to curb my wheels (quite badly) and has damaged the outer rim on my 20' detroit alloys. it looks to me like the damage is only on the outer rim thankfully. so couple questiosn if anyone can help:

1. went to kwik fit, but they do not know how to change the outer rim. is it difficult to do? do i have to go to a specialist alloy shop?

2. to purchase the outer rim, is it just stainless steel? is there a specific colour i need to buy?

3. any chance i have damaged the inner rim/full alloy? was quite a bad knock

thanks all.




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so - found someone who replaced the outer piece of the rim. but i'm concerned about whether or not i should keep this rim on the car. had a good look at the alloy when it was off the car, and it looked a bit off. the person that came out to change the outer piece of the rim, gave it a whack with a rubber hammer, and the rim seems to look round now. 

however, this seems to me like could cause a lot of issues with the rim long term. perhaps the rim is weaker now (it was heated to remove the trim), and i'm not an expert on metalurgy - but have a bad feeling if hte rim was out of shape it will simply never be the same again. 

any suggestiosn on what to do, or how to have the alloy checked out? i could get the wheel balanced, but any expert opionion on whether this rim is savageabe would be appricated. i did have a look on eBay for a used back rim, but no luck. i'm also skeptical about buying a used detroit alloy online as many of these could have been previously damaged

anyways any advice appreciated


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Hi Jason,

Bad luck, looks a nasty one that, but could look worse than it is. It appears the trim is FUBAR but the alloy underneath is not too bad? I'd keep an eye out for a second hand rim or rims. It took over a year for me to find a spare set of 18" Vulcans for my S-Type, but I ended top getting the staggered ones I was after, save a search on eBay etc. 

In the meantime, I'd seek advice online and in person, there should / must be alloy repair specialists out there, search and call. If I had to continue using the rim, I'd have it balanced.

Good luck, Russ

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HI Russ - thanks for the reply! i had a guy come over, he replaced the outer decorative piece - and banged the wheel back into shape. i was quite disheartened, and thought the wheel would be unusable, but have take the car on the motorway at speed and its smooth. got new back tires as well and had wheels balanced and all seems ok..

that outer piece is quite delicate but i think i got lucky in that the rim seems fine

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Hey Jason,

Glad to hear you got it sorted! The guy should've known if it was safe and the wheels have a fair amount of alloy on them, so hopefully it looks good and will serve you well. I just fitted my staggered rims with the 275/35's and they look pretty awesome! 

I came quite close to picking up an X100 XKR back in the summer, but held off, and now the prices seem on the rise (good for you!), so I'm going to hold out now for the newer X150 XKR. Still loving my S-Type, which is coming on nicely, so this is fine with me :yes:

All the best, Russ :xmas:


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