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AC problem, again


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I have a problem with the AC in my 1999 3.0.

From trolling the web it seems that I am not alone.

With AC on auto max cool I get cool (not cold) out of drivers side dash vents and warm from passenger side vents. Little or nothing from rear vents.

I have been told that it was caused by heater valve or climate control valve and this was supposed to be fixed by a Jag "expert" mechanic by bypassing the valve. This means that you get the same temps on drivers and passenger sides which is not a problem for me, but it hasn't worked.

I have already paid out twice what the car cost in fixing problems and I am reluctant to chuck a load more money at it to replace the valves only to find out that it wasn't the problem in the first place.

I have read about a dirty temp sensor located in the dash close to the ignition key but I don't know if that was for RHD or LHD car. A few people have said they cleaned that and problem solved. Has anyone actually fixed this problem and if so, what did you do?

Does anyone know about this temp sensor, where it is and what it looks like. It is a real shame because in every other way it is a really nice car and it would be great to be able to use it, but when it is 30+ degrees C out then AC is not a luxury.


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8 hours ago, Drivingdad said:

Hi David I had this problem replaced the water valve down near the rad but it turned out to be broken wires in the front bumper.The temp sensor is near the key behind a little grill,regards David.

Hi David 

Is your car LHD or RHD?

Mine is a 1999 RHD  I have looked but there is no sign of a little grill anywhere on the dash.

What should I be looking for?



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Hi David

Thanks for that, I found it and had a look. The sensor looked a bit dusty but I wouldn't say that it was particularly dirty. Does anyone know how it comes out? do you just pull it straight out with a pair of long nose pliers on the plastic body?

I have a horrible feeling that I could do more harm than good.

If I could just get this fixed I think the car would be a delight.

Very frustrating.

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