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central locking will not lock!!

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so, i am getting the common double bleep, as i attempt to lock the car from the fob, i have replaced both batteries in main and spare fobs.

i believe this could be a faulty door/boot/bonnet microswitch, i cant see any switches however to have a fiddle with.

also rear offside window will not operate at all, i dont know if the 2 faults are linked somehow.

i have just bought the car , and neglected to try out the windows and indeed the locking.

i am waiting for a reply from the dealer as to whether they knew of this problem.

the car battery did get replaced prior to me collecting the car, could that cause a problem like this?

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Hi Nick

if you recently bought the car, you should be covered and within your rights to return it for repair, unless you bought it 'Sold as seen ' which I doubt very much. Did you get a warranty at all?

its a daft question but have you ensured all doors / boot are closed properly?  (not sure whether an open bonnet would cause a problem) 


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yes, i have a 30 day warranty with the dealer. i am in talks with them now.

checked all doors and correct. the computer recognises each door opening and closing including the boot and bonnet.

i suspect the fault is on the offside rear door module, as i pressed the car lock button, and left the fob at a distance from the vehicle, checked the doors and the offside front and nearside rear were both locked, offside rear and drivers were open. as the drivers door is master it will not lock until all others are locked. i think


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When i bought my X-Type one of the rear windows wouldn't open . It turns out it was just stuck due to probably not been opened for a long time . A little persuasion and it opened and has been fine ever since . Good luck .


Andy .

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