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I'm joining this here forum as I am picking up my new Jaguar S-type this friday. I cannot wait! It's a 2001 3.0 V6 Auto SE... I say it's an SE but I can't be absolutely sure of that, it's just that the spec is amazing so I assume it is. its done 60k miles and is extremely clean and tidy, my uncle is doing me a good deal on it! So i'd just like to say hi and show some pictures of what will be mine on friday! Cheers guys, nice to meet you all



My S Type (2) (1).jpg

My S Type (1a).jpg

My S Type (1)-1.jpg

My S Type (3).jpg

My S Type (4).jpg

My S Type (5).jpg

My S Type (6).jpg

My S Type (7).jpg

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Welcome to the club Adam, she looks tidy! I've had 2001 manual Sport for c18 months now and I love it!

The S-Type forum is the best place for S-Type specific questions, it's pretty active, and someone will generally help with tips and advice. Do you plan on maintaining her yourself, i.e. do your own work?

All the best, Russ

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Hi Russ, I will be doing the majority myself yes unless something requires a specialist. My uncle mentioned it has a slight blow on one of the pipes at the back so I will be getting a standard cat back exhaust for it plus it has an issues with the drivers side window mechanism which seems to be a common problem from what I can see, I'll get the panel off at the weekend and have a look, might be something I can do easily. The only modifications I will be doing is replacing all the interior halogen bulbs for LED other than that I will be keeping her as original as possible. Cheers man, nice to talk to you.


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