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Front screen demist


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G'morning guys,

I'm the proud owner of a 2005 2.5 V6 S-type. She has just 72,000 miles on the clock and as far as I could see there were only a few very minor issues for me to deal with, one of which has become more urgent following the 2 degree temperature this morning !

The windscreen vents don't open so I'm getting no warm air to demist the windscreen. A little bit of research leads me to believe it's the actuator spinning in the vent flap rather than turning it to open it (I can hear a clicking sound when I select front demist)

My trouble is I can't find the actuator. I've removed the glove compartment and liner and I can see what I believe is the actuator for the footwell heat, but I can't see the windscreen one.

Numerous internet searches have come up short, is there an online workshop manual/Haynes manual ?

Has any one had to deal with this problem before ?

Thanks in advance


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Thanks Andy, a useful linky.

I found the demist actuator right up high above the glove compartment and against the center console. I unbolted it and had it in my hand as I went through the range of heater direction settings and it seems to be intermittent at best, I couldn't get it to repeat any of the small movements it made as I cycled through the options.

The vent moved freely and I could divert the air upwards to demist but it took a 90 degree movement to do this and the most the actuator would move was about 10-15 degrees, so I suspect it's on it's way out.

Until I get hold of a replacement I have a 'Winter' and 'Summer' setting ... in Winter I tie-wrap the vent open and in Summer i cut the tie-wrap !




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