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Dash Cam installation on XF

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Hi All - I have been to Halfords to get a NextBase dash cam fitted - gift from the Wife. They tell me that there are no live on ignition wires/fuse that are suitable to are a dash cam to (I have a 62 plate facelift XF Premium Luxury). Can anyone tell me where I should be looking for a suitable place to hard wire this in. Surely there is spare power somewhere.

Thanks, Adrian

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Funny, halfords fitted my dash cam straight to fuse box, however informed me it would be constantly live and I would havevto switch it off after everv trip, untrue after ignition switched off dashcam shuts down. This was on a 2010 xf so should be same on your cat. It would seem thay are not use to fitting on luxury beasts.

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Sorry not sure which fuze , but sure he said it was a spare one, and it defenatly switches off after egnition switched off and car locked, ask the fitter to contact the mansfield store im prity sure the fitter was a young man called aden or similar,  will tyr to see which fuze tomorrow

Cheers mike

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