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Non-runner X-type 2.0 D


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Long story short, the cam box has split, I suspect this was caused by bump starting when I was having some running difficulties (all put down to a dodgy injector, which has now been replaced).

Now my understanding is that the cam box will require line boring to fit correctly - would this be more costly than just sourcing a replacement engine? is it worth it?

It is worth noting I am on my 4th (or 5th) cam box - with the others splitting due to various reasons.

Any and all advice is welcomed and very much appreciated - I am at a loss and am now 6+ months without the motor on the road - also, with my mechanic suffering a stroke I am now faced with locating a cost effective independent.


Thanks, Fraze

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Hi Fraze

It's quite a common fault on these engines...usually caused by infrequent Oil changes and resulting in the hydraulic timing chain tensioner releasing pressure on the chain prematurely when the engine is switched off. This then leads to the chain going slack, a slight reversal of the cams and the valves contact the pistons, push the valves against the cams/cam box which then takes the brunt and splits. Usually noticeable by the cam box bolts under the Oil filler cap spinning free when you put a socket on them.

Usually best to replace the top end and chain, tensioner, etc or another complete engine.

Sorry, not good news


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That's about right for another engine but the same thing could happen unless you spend money on the replacement (chains, guides, tensioner, etc) to ensure it doesn't happen again.

I believe they produced replacement parts to resolve the issue.

If buying one, check the cam box bolts that are accessible don't spin freely with a socket....if so, it's already cracked.

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If I'd be best getting the parts in either instance then it may be just as well trying to get my current block back on the go.

Am i correct in my understanding that a new/used cam box would need line bored to pair successfully?

I'm at a loss as to which would be the best route to take, the cheapest option preferably.  

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