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Hi everyone,

I have a 1996 XJ6 (4 ltr ). She has just been serviced and MOT'd at 127000 miles (up to date service history by jag specialists). There were a few advisories - mostly a bit cosmetic. However there is a bit of welding to do - nothing dire (about £200) and the drive shaft seal is leaking. Unfortunately parts for this year and model are hard to come by (interior lights, engine bits etc.). I have posted a photo of her nice and clean in all her glory. My quandary is..... I have yet to get the cost for replacing the drive shaft but I don't think it will be cheap. As much as I love the car and some of the quirky bits associated with a car that's 20 years old sooner or later I need to draw the line at whether to continue spending money on her (that is likely I would not get back). I think she is too good to scrap but may suit an enthusiast. If I were to advertise her as is would anyone know what I should be realistically asking - I could get all the bits done (subject to definite sale) and then sell but I would be looking to recoup the outlay. When I have mentioned selling I seem to get questions on MPG, how much is road tax etc. In honesty - if people are asking those questions they shouldn't be looking for a Jag. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated..

Thanks - Richard

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