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In a quandary.


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I have a 2004 diesel 2Ltr estate with tow bar, that has done 222,200 miles and is still going strong. It drives smooth and well, is in very good condition inside, (cream leather) and good outside, (beige/gold). It has been well looked after (money little object), but seems to have perhaps a leaking crank shaft Oil seal.  I can't be bothered with it as I have another low mileage 2008 diesel estate. Is there anyone who would be interested in obtaining said car, which is in mid Norfolk. The high mileage has been done mostly on motorways at night and at law abiding speeds. I find it difficult to get rid, but unfortunately there comes a time! It has fairly recently had new starter motor, steering pump, Oil temp thermostat, battery, wheel bearings, and injectors at 110,000 miles. I've done 160,000 of its miles. Unfortunately Oil is getting on a hot exhaust and it makes driving rather unpleasant if you have to stop in traffic. Very unpleasant in fact! You just can't open the windows fast enough.

I don't feel I can justify the cost of fixing the seal problem.

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