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  1. Having threatened in ear shot of my wife to do horrible things to the whole stack of electronics because its a b....r to get out and just as much of a b....r to put back in, I'll grit my teeth and wait until the weekend. I dragged it all out again this morning because I thought I was missing something obvious when I received your loop. Its a funny thing, but each Norton Commando was built starting with the horn. I now believe that each X Type was built starting with the CDC. Your efforts are much appreciated. Ta.
  2. Hello Paul. I've received the loop, but the plug on it is exactly the same as the one on the ends of the cabling that plug into the back of the CDC. I'm needing a socket with loop (in place of the CDC) that the plug can plug into. I've just noticed that in another part of the loom jaguar fit a connector block between two of these plugs. Sorry to be a pain, but is that something that is widely available? If so, I could fit a connector block and then your loop. This is all getting rather complicated. I hope my description is understandable. Cheers. Kev
  3. Thanks Paul, you're a star. I discovered today what a hopeless untidy mess a dealer can make of tow bar wiring. At least I assume it was a dealer as I can't believe Jaguar did it. Because I've been rummaging around amongst the ridiculous spider web of wires that had been shoved into the rear corner beside the CDC, somehow when I shoved them all back into the same space again, the indicator fuse kept blowing when I indicated left. I've sorted the fault, but I'll have to do some drastic tidying up when I put it all back again. I think it will probably be worth a photo as the spare wire could be used as a tow rope if the tow ball ever snapped off. All very disappointing! By the way, during the winter I had a wheel well full of water that drowned the reversing sensor black box. After drying the contents of the box on a radiator I replaced it and tied it to the wiring loom running across the back of the car so that it was higher up and out of range of the water. That did the trick until I could get stuck in to the water leak, which I'm still not sure I cured. I do wonder if it was the damp that caused the CDC to go up the creek.
  4. Hello again Paul. Received a thing through the post, (picture below) today that wouldn't fit even by magic. If your offer to let me have one of your home made jobs still stands, let me know if I can recompense you and I'll take you up on it. Cheers.
  5. Thanks for the offer Paul, but in my excitement at being able to fix the problem I quickly ordered one off EBay. This problem had me in the depths of depression because I really rate my car, and having this fault occur with the CDC after the same happened to my earlier X Type, well, I was gutted. I've now managed to subtly adjust the stack of electronics and it's surroundings so that I can get it out in a few minutes. Taking it out the first time is something of a nightmare. I made a tool that undid the screws in the side of the CDC unit so that I could slide it out the front only to find that the cables weren't long enough and it would only come out the back. Once I got it out I stripped it down, pushed the CD back in to the magazine, lifted the top of the unit to eject it and thereafter it just refused to work again. There must be quite a market for replacement CDC units if they all suffer with jamming mags and CDs. Sorry to go on so, and Thanks
  6. Hi Don. It would help to know where abouts the noise is coming from. Front, back, left, right or middle. Rear shocks, drop links and rear anti roll bushes can be a pain especially on the estate. Best of luck with it. Also, check that you don't have a broken spring.
  7. Thanks for that Paul. I'll probably look for a replacement CDC, but a terminator loop sounds like a good stand by. I'm assuming I'll get one fairly easily????
  8. This is the second CD auto changer I've had that has malfunctioned. I fixed the first on in another car, but this one decided to become awkward and is now bust beyond repair. Does anyone know if by removing the auto changer from the system, the Jaguar Voice, the phone and all sound from the radio and dash mounted CD stop working. My sat nav still works, but like I say, I have no sound coming from the radio or CD player although they seem to be working fine according to the touch screen, and the Jag voice and phone have disappeared. Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. I have a 2004 diesel 2Ltr estate with tow bar, that has done 222,200 miles and is still going strong. It drives smooth and well, is in very good condition inside, (cream leather) and good outside, (beige/gold). It has been well looked after (money little object), but seems to have perhaps a leaking crank shaft oil seal. I can't be bothered with it as I have another low mileage 2008 diesel estate. Is there anyone who would be interested in obtaining said car, which is in mid Norfolk. The high mileage has been done mostly on motorways at night and at law abiding speeds. I find it difficult to get rid, but unfortunately there comes a time! It has fairly recently had new starter motor, steering pump, oil temp thermostat, battery, wheel bearings, and injectors at 110,000 miles. I've done 160,000 of its miles. Unfortunately oil is getting on a hot exhaust and it makes driving rather unpleasant if you have to stop in traffic. Very unpleasant in fact! You just can't open the windows fast enough. I don't feel I can justify the cost of fixing the seal problem.
  10. Hi Rowley. Many years ago; I think it was when sabre tooth tigers roamed the earth, I remember buying Esso tyres. They had a lifetime warranty and were fantastic tyres. This actually goes back to 1976. I never had occasion to exchange one under the warranty and I can't remember when they stopped production. I bought rather oversize wheels and tyres for my Mk 2 Cortina. The fronts were so oversize that they hit the antiroll bar on full lock. Great times! Kev
  11. Hello Keith. I'm afraid that I don't have an answer to your problem, but I wonder what mileage your car has done. Mine is on the same plate as yours. 54. It has done 218000 miles and under hard acceleration smokes like a ship laying a smoke screen. It is highly embarrassing and makes me cringe at night when, as you say, I can see the results in the headlights of a following car. My car still goes like a train and is both quiet and smooth, just as it always has been. I don't notice smoke while driving steadily. I wonder if it is worn piston rings that are causing the problem. Could it be that under acceleration they can't cope too well? I'm afraid that under the increasing barrage of hate for all things diesel, I'm beginning to feel guilty about driving my car. Driven sensibly I still get 57 mpg from mine and feel that that that alone is good enough reason for persevering. It would be nice if someone could shed light on a proper reason for so much smoke under acceleration from an engine that for all intents and purposes still does everything well, but has a high mileage. Kev
  12. Thanks for the tips David. I must admit that I was toying with the hub possibility. I've now gone back to my old 2004 X Type for the winter months. I'll get around to spending further money on the 08 Sovereign when I feel a little more confident of a positive result. I get the feeling that a fix probably won't be cheap. Its a shame, but I have to say that if all the 2.2 Ltr Sovereign's 'bells and whistles' were in the 2 Ltr, it would be a fantastic car. The 2 Ltr is quieter, does a better MPG and seems to be a more 'refined drive'. Even after its high mileage it is still smooth and a joy to drive. It doesn't have as much 'get up and go', but I love it, even if the driver's seat is starting to sag a little. Six gears? What a waste of space!