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Hello, I'm Matt from Barnstaple, North Devon.
I've recently bought a 2004 X-Type 2.0d Sport in black. It's not my first Jag, I have previously had a 1992 XJ6 4.0 and a X-Type 2.2d Sovereign which was bought cheap as a Cat C.

I work in a bodyshop as well as recently starting to make custom parts such as headlights and gauge pillar pods for a friend who is just starting his own company, so far it's mainly Toyota Supra bits but hoping to branch out to other things soon. X-Type parts are very likely!

I'm very much into modifying cars, and have done a few bits to the X-Type already. Here's a bit of my car history, I've had a few Mazda RX-8s, a couple of which I've modified, one was bought with a blown engine to fix and another couple were stripped and sold.

This was the cleanest of the lot, bought with a knackered water seal, fitted with a ported engine and sold.


This was my favorite of the lot, it took me to Monte Carlo and around the Nurburgring. I made custom tail lights for it and was capable of 6ft flames due to the decat and the fuel hungry nature of the rotary engine.



The last RX-8 I had was going to be a major project with fabricated wide arches to fit 10j front wheels and 12j rears, custom bonnet and custom bumpers with a rear mount turbo. But a friend offered me an RX-7 FD3S rolling shell in exchange for the wide wheels and couldn't refuse one of them.



I have since sold the RX-7 due to moving to South Wales over the summer and not having the time or funds to complete the project as it needed repainting and sourcing an engine and various other parts. Here's some photos anyway



And here is the car which I've been using daily for the past year and a half, a 1993 Rover 214 which has had a set of Solex carbs fitted (ignore the spoiler, it was fitted for a laugh for a trip to the nurburgring)


That's about it for now. Where can I do some form of progress thread on this forum? Mainly so I can keep track of what I've done and brainstorm a bit. I'll stick the X-Type photos in there rather than in the intro section.

Cheers, Matt

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Thanks Trevor, the type of modifying I enjoy seems to be most at home with Japanese cars. Looking to go a little less outlandish on the X-Type though.

Is there anywhere in particular on the forum I can post a progress thread of sorts? I've been having a look around and haven't found anywhere to post that looks suitable yet

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