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Lower rear wishbone bushes

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I have been waiting for over a month now for some bushes from a well known British supplier to arrive. I've had to chase them for updates as they have not been forthcoming and I'm getting fed up with it.

Does any one know much about these Portuguese ones on eBay?


If there are no horror stories then I'll cancel the existing order and get them instead. They come out at about £10 more but do include the rubber bush as well as the spherical ones.

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Ah, they do just the outer bushes as well. I've never heard of the rubber (inner) bush failing so I may well just get these.



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No experience of those, I went for complete wishbones with bushes but they were £163 inc the VAT each, ouch! Good quality though and don't intend on having to do that job again. TBH, it was having to shell out of those that made me think of the donor car option. If In had the donor I could've pressed out the old bushes at my leisure and saved 1/2 the money etc.

Can I recommend you have a look at Berkshire Jag Spares, they've really sorted me out (plugs, coil packs, inlet gaskets, brakes, suspension arms etc, etc) they don't sell rubbish. It looks like they have the bushes at comparable prices but in the UK, backed up by specialist knowledge. I normally just call them, link above :wink1:


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Fortunately I got to take a load of parts off a scrapper when I first got my car, including the rear arms. The complete arms would be a lot more convenient but if I  get just the bushes I can justify buying a bearing press, something I've always wanted.

Thank you for the link. I wasn't actually aware of anyone else in the UK who did just the bushes. I "bought" mine off Racing Green and I'm not going to slag them off but I will honestly recount my experience of dealing with them:

5.4.17 - I placed the order for 2x p/n: RG109 over the phone. It was gone 14:00 and I was told apologetically that they probably wouldn't be shipped that day. About ten days later (I forget the date) I called to see why I hadn't got my purchase, it was only then I learned that the bushes weren't in stock. I said I would have expected to have been told this previously but that I would wait for them. So two days ago, over a month since ordering, I phoned again and was told they were still not in stock but that they would call the supplier to see when they were expected. I got no call back so I called them yesterday 10:00 to cancel the order, at this point I was told that I would get a call back to confirm cancellation (?). By 16:30 they had not called so I called them, yet again. I was told rather abruptly that no payment had been taken (I knew this) so there would be no refund (I wasn't expecting one, obviously) and that yes the order was cancelled.

So, over a month of waiting for safety-critical parts with absolutely no communication from Racing Green and a rushed apology right at the end when I expressed my annoyance at their incompetence. That's just not good service, I will not ever use them again.

The bushes are, and have been since I ordered, advertised for sale on their site with no mention of them not being in stock.

http://www.racinggreenparts.com/Jaguar/Parts_details/RG 109/b|/S-Type 1999 onwards.htm


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