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Carole Simpson-Hadley

Oops, ever felt you're in the wrong place?

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As the title says, oops, ever felt you were in the wrong place and/or stood out like an aircraft carrier in a yachting marina?

Yesterday evening, it clearly being summer 2017 (one day only?), we elected to have a pleasant countryside amble in the XK X150.  Having fought our way out of the conurbation and past Stourbridge, the Shropshire open roads beckoned.......just right to stretch the legs (the XK's, of course) with the aim being to park up at a hostelry east of Bridgnorth, have a glass of coke and a packet of crisps at the outside bench, with the XK parked up below, and watch the world go by.  Plan A.

Plan A quickly went up in smoke, as once committed to the pull in, we discovered that clearly Wednesday night was biker night.......upwards of 100 bikes c/w riders and a very narrow way through. Not another car in sight.  Oops.  Ever felt outnumbered?!   We gingerly picked our way through, burbling nicely (the XK, not us), and a friendly person indicated that "there's no food and you'd best park round the back".  No kidding, we thought.    The bikers were all apparently very friendly, but outside of removing 2 wheels from the XK and fitting some stick on handlebars, we thought perhaps we were in the wrong place.

Plan B. Circuit the car park, back round the nearby roundabout, and a full throttle blast away from the scene, all 8 of Mr Jaguar's cylinders barking nicely.......and a distinct turning of heads from the assembled bikers.    We did wonder if, all of a sudden, a gaggle of Suzukis, Hondas and Ducatis would suddenly loom large in the rear view mirror, but not so.

Plan B far more appropriate...another hostelry where XK had the opportunity to say hello to a nice MGB soft top, 

We don't normally let go of the leash with such alacrity, but on leaving biker's paradise, the opportunity was too good to miss.  Our case comes up Friday.

Now where did we store that Honda 50?

Happy growling

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