Cant get crankshaft pulley bolt off

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Hi I am trying to get the crankshaft pulley bolt off.i have tried a impact gun but would not budge it.any suggestions plz.

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3 minutes ago, R2e said:

Well it's a long time since I had to do something like this, and never on an XJ, but there are two methods  which need a combination spanner of the correct size (a ring spanner won't work due to the offset) - 

1. Fit the ring end of the combination spanner over the bolt. Fit a large ring spanner over the other end of the combination spanner thus giving you an extra long lever.

2. If #1 doesn't work, take away the ring spanner and tap the end of the combination spanner repeatedly with a club hammer (you need the heavier weight) to shock it into moving. Similar effect to the impact gun but should give a bigger impact. 

Not the best way to treat your tools, but needs must.......

It might be a good idea to get some serious heat on the bolt before trying to remove. The most modern way of doing this is with an induction heater which you could probably hire, something like this -

ps, just a thought, it may have been put in with Loctite, the heat should help to break any bond.

Hi thanks I will give it a try today let you know the out come .thanks

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Ok right I found a way of getting the crankshaft pulley bolt undunn.  to Remove put socket on to bolt.attach a long breaker bar.put bar down to the floor.then get some one to just put a bit of pressure to stop socket springing off.then put key in ignition and flick the key just very quick this then forced the crank to turn clock wise and bolt anti clock wise and will undo the bolt.i had to flick key a few times as the bolt was well tight .just remember only a quick flick of key just so it turns crank over.

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