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Another Door Issue - New Guy

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Good afternoon folks,

I have just signed up to the forum and would like to share the problem I'm having with the Jag pros.


So I have a Jag X type 2005 2.1 and owned the car for just under a year. I do get some funny looks some times as I'm 29 ( look 20) but I love the car!! 


There are a a shout list of issue that have now accorded and after speaking with the local Jag specialist and being quoted roughly £500 for one of the issue (over the phone) I'm looking to get my hands dirty and fix the issues myself were possible.

1) Drivers door has the intermittent problem of not wanting to open from the outside. No problems from the inside but she will open fine from the outside then the following week will not. From a quick read I guess the first thing is to check the rod in the door.

2) I now have the "Door Ajar" warning light show on the dash. It's not intermittent and is a constant. Obviously Carnot lock the car with central lock but I can lock with the key manually (car still beeps twice). I am just about to check if any of the doors are still unlocked when the car is locked as a quick diagnosis. But not sure where to start beyond that.

3) The rear near side window has also dropped 🙈 I guess this doesn't need to much of a diagnosis but any and all advice (step by step guide) would be very much appreciated.


Im sure these problems have been seen and fixed in the past so anyone with any advice would be really grateful 👍🏻

Thanks for reading. 


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1 & 2 are possibly cause and effect. 3 might be easy.

1) describe the behaviour. and what you can do to replicate it.
Something strange i found with mine is that, from outside, if i open just the drivers door (1 press on the remote)  i have to pull the door lever twice. When opening the car (2 presses on remote) it opens with just 1 pull. Strange behaviour but the dude before me says its always done it so with it being my first jag ive thought nothing of it, its not a massive issue but will need looking at soon i think

2) does it say which door is ajar?  my 1st thought is you have a door/boot/bonnet open check to make sure all are properly closed and recheck. 2nd thought is possibly a microswitch on the drivers door (since this is the one your having trouble with) isn't being actuated.

To check get yourself a small screwdriver, open the door put the keys into the ignition... turn ign on. with the door open manipulate the lock mechanism with your screw driver. There's 3 positions of the door catch Open (1st image), 'On the latch' (2nd image), Closed (3rd image). you will get the door ajar warning if the latch is in any other position but Closed. if the door warning is on with the latch in the closed position then you will more than likely have to strip the door to find and fix, the microswitch may have become mislocated. If the warning goes out, then it may be an adjustment issue. you can adjust the closed door position with the catch on the B-Pillar. only minor adjustments are needed to the catch to make it sit right. so don't adjust by large amounts to begin with :)

Other door positions are exactly the same so you can check them all using this method, to see which one is giving the fault...

also dont forget to pull either the door lever on on the inside or outside to open the lock before closing the door again. probably wont do much damage unless you slam it but makes a horrible noise ;)

3) hopefully something simple... does the window work on the window controls both on the drivers door control and passenger door control? I'm thinking maybe if you've had people in the back and then knocked the rear window 'isolate button' then it renders the rear controls inoperative until you press the isolate button again.





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Hi  Rich

Thank you for your detail response. So initially all doors are closed and locked I've checked and checked and rechecked.. boot included.

I will be checking again with your screw driver method later today and hopefully that with bring a resolve! If not like you say maybe look at replacing the lock/latch on the drivers door.

Regarding the window.. I probably didn't include as much detail as I should have.     The glass itself seems to have dropped and no longer be connected. It is currently propped up with a door stop 😑 If I try to use the electrical operation you just get the crunching sound.



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window issue sounds like its a regulator fault. Window could have popped off the regulator mechanism (unlikely but possible)

regulators are cheap-ish... this link gives an idea of money, part that failed, and also a partnumber so you can do your own research

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Okay so all doors checked in the closed position with the screw driver. No difference the Door ajar light persists. 


So now I am thinking its the door sensor.. does anyone have any ideas on a quick diagnosis or does it have to be the process of elimination through the doors and boot.


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