DPF close to breaking point!!!

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I hope someone can help. 

I've an x-type 2.2d 2009/10

I've done hours of research and spent over £1000 trying to get the dpf warnings resolved. 

Back story

Dpf full orange light sent to a guy who diagnosed and fixed a split egr pipe. 

Seemed OK for a few days. 

Dpf full orange light, little run as per handbook,  cleared. This happens 1-3 times a week. 

I do regular runs and am careful not to switch the car off mid passive regeneration.  

EGR starts playing up, whip it off and clean it, still not right, drive it a day or so more, orange light dpf full, red light and flashing coil engine dies. 

Local garage diagnosis, egr and full dpf it actually blew the sensor pipe off the dpf!!!

New egr fitted, aftermarket dpf fitted (I know but the cost was too much for me). Went genuine with the egr. 

A few weeks later the same problem starts again. 

Specialist diagnosed vacuum pipe on egr fixed, forced a regeneration and changed the oil. 10 mins later it's back. 

More diagnosis and they reset the dpf with the ecu. 

2 mins later dpf full red light. 

More diagnosis and the specialist (jag indie) say 100% the pressure sensor on the dpf. 

Replaced and still the same issue.

Now I've seen that the ford's have a vapouriser that fails I can't find any reference to the X-type one though....

Can anyone confirm if it has one and if it's the same part as the ford 2.2d part?

Also what else could it be, what could I be missing here and what could all these mechanics be missing?

I looked into the delete route and can only find one company that claim they can do it a day their reviews on Facebook are 50/50. 

So I know all the obvious I've battled with this for months now in fact since November last year!

Please help before my head explodes 🤦‍♂️

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There's all sorts of other reasons a DPF wont regen, do you know if any have been explored? namely charge air system and Injectors... 

From memory turbo actuation has to be behaving itself, you have to have sufficient vacuum created from the pump, which has to pass through the boost control solenoid sufficiently to actuate both the VGT and wastegate vacuum pressure cells any leakage in the pipework and/or cells will shut the ECU down from finding a 'required condition' status it needs to attempt regen... resulting in premature filling of DPF... Confirm boost control solenoid is piped up correctly too thats a more than common oversight, ive done it myself.

Mechanical boost leakage (for example: hole in the intercooler, non-air tight inlet manifold, leaky boost pipe) can lead to the ECU shutting down regen capability too because the engine THINKS its getting good boost but the DPF is reporting silly pressure values due to a leak. post boost sensor. 

Boost sensor/MAP Sensor could also be reporting different values although within expected tollerance it could be out (hence it may not throw its own fault because its within tollerance). those values compared to the DPF Values could be shutting the ECU down. MAF sensor could be at fault for the same reason


Lastly Injection system has to be upto par and no excessive back leakage from injectors. if you do have a leaky injector it may not show as excess soot out of the tailpipe. Theres been a few injector issues i know about recently both on here and people i know who have the diesels. 


I'd suggest looking at live injector correction values at idle, it would usually give a good indication if the ECU is dialing back some or overfueling others to compensate for a dicky injector, also take a look at Manifold pressures aswell as 'Desired' against 'Actual' boost figures would instantly show a dodgey/incorrectly installed boost control solenoid. MAP sensors read between 900-1100mbar with engine off this is normal, and you shouldn't be seeing much over 2600-3000mbar i wouldnt have thought (3000mbar is 2bar of boost and thats a lot in a standard trim car engine).


hope this helps to separate the forest from the trees a little bit.

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Wow Rich, thank you, super comprehensive. 

I'll pass that on to my mechanic this morning, hopefully he can make some sense of it and hopefully get this sorted 🤦‍♂️

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I hope you get it sorted bud... It's always a shame when you throw some much money at something for it not to be fixed.

Sometimes the basics are overlooked and you get transfixed on an issue that isn't there. If you've done so much work to the DPF and Differential Pressure Sensor then you can pretty much rule them out. 

In all honesty (and I know it doesn't help you now) personally I would have suspected it wasnt the DPF before doing all the intake and injector testing.

Either way I don't know your mechanics reasons for swapping the DPF and sensor so without actually knowing what has been diagnosed it's very easy for me to sit here and criticise. It's not unheard of for DPFs to require replacement but their price makes me kinda wanna rule out any other stuff before hand.   


Good luck!

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